Mike Tyson cleared of Kidnap, Assualt and Rape
DHB Source Listed (Aug 23, 2005)
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Sassari, Aug 22 - Mike Tyson didn't kidnap, let alone beat or rape 33-year-old Florence Botoli, a Cameroon citizen living in France.

The former boxer has been cleared of the crimes that, according to the woman, he committed on August 6 in Porto Cervo. The investigations carried out by the Carabinieri proved that Tyson had not committed such crimes and the woman was reported to the authorities charged with slander.

Investigations, led by lieutenant Antonio Mundula, proved that the injuries sustained by the woman are not consistent with the kind of aggression that she had reported. Florence Botoli said that she had been kidnapped by Tyson and his body guards and that she was taken, together with other girls, to a yacht in Costa Smeralda, where Tyson allegedly beat her to force her to have sex with him.

The woman explained that she had met Tyson at the Billionaire club in Porto Cervo, where she and her 20-year-old friend Fanny Vuemba Mabindi, were forced to get into a car that took them to the yacht hired by the former boxer. Some other girls, who were on the yacht, started a strip-tease show. Tyson offered Florence Bortoli and her friend some drinks and repeatedly asked them to have sex with him. Since she refused, Tyson started beating her and raising hell on the yacht. The two girls managed to run away helped by one of the body guards. The woman's version of the facts was not confirmed by the Carabinieri and, as a consequence, she and her friend will be notified an indictment for slander signed by deputy prosecutor Paola Ferrari who coordinated the investigations.

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