Holmes vs Minto
Media report on Doghouse Boxing (Aug 27, 2009)    
Dear Sirs:

As you know Brian Minto fought Donnell Holmes on August 14, 2009 in Butler , Pa. The fight was stopped after the fourth round because Minto suffered a cut above his left eye. The truth is that Minto just quit to avoid taking continued abuse from Holmes. Both of his eyes had mouses under them and after Freddy Roach whispered in his ear, Minto decided to stop the fight.

No one at ringside, including the three local judges, the commentators or the WBO supervisor witnessed any head butts during the fight. Early in the fourth round Holmes hit Minto with a jab that crossed over and caught Minto above the left eye causing the cut. Attached please find a video of the fourth round so you can see for yourself what caused the cut.

Greg Sirb and the Pennsylvania boxing commission has agreed to institute the video replay rule to make a determination as to the fight’s outcome. Greg has reviewed the tape and found that based on his review, our position that Holmes deserves the TKO makes a “compelling argument” and in order to make sure that the Pennsylvania Boxing Commission concurs with the final outcome, he has decided to have the commission view the tape as well. We anticipate a final decision by the commission early next week and are confident that Donnell Holmes will be declared the winner by TKO.

Donnell is ready, willing and able to fight any top 10 heavyweight in the world.

Please go to the following link in order to view the 4th round of the Holmes/Minto fight – http://gallery.me.com/focul.productions/100150

Double Click on the image and you will be able to view the video.

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