Floyd Mayweather on why he picked Victor Ortiz
By Special Report on Doghouse Boxing (Sept 10, 2011)
The following was provided to Doghouse Boxing. An excerpt from Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr.'s most recent media interview.

Mayweather faces Victor Ortiz this month on the 17th. You can catch the fight live on HBO PPV.

The Question: Floyd, I would like you to, if you could, tell me about when you attended the Andre Berto/Victor Ortiz fight in April. I know you were there ringside. I just would like you, if you could, tell me what you saw in that fight. Were you looking at the moment-you were there to, I guess, enjoy the fight also, but were you thinking about I might want to fight the winner or did that sort of just come to you as the fight was progressing, or was that not part of it? And, if so, what did you see in Victor in that fight that made you decide, "you know what, this is a guy that I want to get an opportunity to fight?"

Floyd Mayweather: "Just going to the fight, I didn't have any plans. I had plans of going to 50 Cent's house-I was going to his house in Connecticut. Come to find out, he only lived an hour away from the casino where the fight was being held. We just went normally as-just wanted to go see a fight. I don't really go to boxing like that, so I sat down and enjoyed the fight from the beginning. As soon as I walked in, the fight was interesting. I thought both guys were very impressive."

"Victor Ortiz was the better man that night. I didn't have any plans. When I left, I was like man, I mean I thought in my head, "This guy-me and him get it on-it'd be an exciting fight." I was happy that the guy won a title, and then I thought when I spoke to him after the Marquez fight, he came over to me and he said some pretty generous words-some respectful words-and I said, "Don't worry. I know you had a setback before, but a true champion can take a loss and bounce back. Don't worry, you will be champion." And then, two fights later and now we're facing each other. Things happen like that in the sport of boxing."

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