Jamie Foxx looks to rip into Mike Tyson's Skin
DoghouseBoxing (November 4, 2005)
Jamie Foxx in "Jarhead"
Movie opens Nationwide Today
Photo © Universal Pictures
From Fox's TV Hit Comedy Show "In Living Color," to now the Movies, Jamie Foxx has played many rolls. Recently he gave a powerful performance potraying R+B Legend and Icon, Ray Charles in hit movie simply called 'Ray'. Jamie Foxx's is now on the Screen playing a strong roll in the War flick in theaters opening Today called , "JarHead". Foxx's eyes are reportedly set on another biopic...The Topic, Mike Tyson (Not something new to readers of DoghouseBoxing.com)

The actor wants to play his friend Mike Tyson. He claims no one except him knows the interesting facts around Mike Tyson.

"I think the Mike Tyson story is the most interesting thing. Nobody knows the stuff that I know, the stuff that I found out. It would blow your mind," Foxx as said to film website Moviehole.net.

Foxx, who also wants to star in a movie based on music legend Marvin Gaye, hopes by talking about a film about the ear-chomping fighter he will be able to get the idea off the ground.

"Mike Tyson gives you phrases that, if you listen to it, it'll blow your mind. They (media) said 'Mike, how do you feel?' and he said, 'I'm happy. I'm more happy now I don't have any money,' and they said, 'Why, Michael?' 'I don't have to worry about anything. I'm just here.'And I said, 'That's where you go. Do the story about that and about how he feels now - after he looks back on what all happened," he said.

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