WBC News Regarding Vitali Klitschko's Retirement
From WBC President Jose Sulaiman (November 9, 2005)
“The WBC feels sadness for the retirement of the heavyweight champion of the world, Vitali Klitschko, who created a good name for boxing in his career, but we consider that there is nothing more important in life than the physical and mental health of boxers as the human beings that they are.

“This position by Vitali Klitschko shows that he is a man of pride, dignity, and honor as a champion of the world of the WBC, as instead of fighting for the multimillion dollars that he was going to make, he preferred to respect the sport of his love and the boxing fans of the world by acting with dignity, and decided to retire.

“Vitali Klitschko is not a quitter, as the world saw when he fought and was defeating Lennox Lewis, considered the very best heavyweight at least of the last decade. Klitschko strongly objected to have Dr. Wallace stop that fight in Los Angeles, when he had a very dangerous cut on his eyebrow.

“Vitali Klitschko, WBC champion of the world, from Ukraine, is retiring as a champion without losing his title in the ring, and the WBC is proceeding to take the vote from its Board of Governors to comply with the WBC Rules and Regulations for the automatic appointment of the WBC interim champion of the world Hasim Rahman, to be named the undisputed champion of the world of the WBC.

“The Board of Governors is formed by 35 members, all of them with the right to vote.”

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