John Ruiz Quotes from Training Camp
Media Report (November 11, 2005)
LAS VEGAS - World Boxing Association heavyweight champion John "The Quietman" Ruiz (41-5-1, 28 KOs) is at training camp in Las Vegas preparing for his December 17th title defense against Nicolay Valuev (42-0, 31 KOs) in Berlin. Ruiz offered his opinion on a wide variety of subjects including Vitali Klitschko's retirement, the WBC, HBO and The Ring magazine heavyweight champion, James Toney's steroid case, Don King's proposed heavyweight championship tournament, and his Dec. 17th title defense against Valuev.

Vitali Klitschko: "The first words I'm going to say in Germany are, 'I'm not Klitschko; I'm no chicken.' Klitschko has always been a quitter. He's quitting again because he couldn't handpick his opponent to defend his title against. He always quits when the going gets tough."

The WBC: "Why is the WBC considered by some to be the title for heavyweights? I keep hearing it's the linear title. When was the last time a WBC heavyweight champion really won the title from the champ in the ring? I don't mean when Oliver McCall broke down and quit against (Lennox) Lewis. Go back and look it up and you'll be surprised how long it's been. Klitschko and Lewis won vacant titles; they didn't beat the defending champ."

HBO & Ring: "Klitschko was handed those 'belts' when Lewis retired. He lost and became champ? It looks like HBO and Ring's valedictorian got on stage and dropped his cheat sheet. They hand out belts like government cheese; get in line because you may be next. What makes a real champion? Fighting top contenders, not handpicked opponents like Klitschko's done."

James Toney: Some are saying and writing that I should have demanded a rematch against Toney instead of suing him. First, he can't fight for the WBA title for two years because he got caught cheating. He doesn't deserve to fight for any world title. We've challenged him over and over to make his test results public and he still hasn't because everybody will know he's a liar and a cheat. Why should I fight him again? He had his chance and cheated. If he cheated in our first fight what's stopping him from cheating again? Boxing still hasn't set-up a random drug testing policy. The day it does maybe I'll consider fighting him again."

Heavyweight Tournament: "I've been calling for a tournament for a long time and now that Klitschko has retired I think it'll happen next year. The public needs to know who the man is in the heavyweight division and the only way to prove it is in a tournament with the four champions putting their belts on the line. My goal has always been to be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. I can't wait."

Nicolay Valuev: "I'm fighting him because he's the No. 1 contender. I don't pick and choose my opponents like Klitschko. Valuev deserves the title shot; he's earned it. I'm going halfway around the world to fight a giant in his backyard because I'm a true world champion."

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