Audley Shoots Back At Williams
By Presser (November 15, 2005)
Audley 'A-Force' Harrison
In light of recent statements released by Danny Williams (33-4, 28KOs), unbeaten heavyweight contender and Olympic Gold Medallist Audley “A-Force” Harrison (19-0, 14KOs) had the following to say: “I am only responding this one time to the various comments made by Danny Williams over the past week. I certainly hope he is training as hard as he is talking and shows up on December 10 and does not pull his notorious Matt Skelton disappearing act—quitting before he even got to the ring that night.

“And I hear he has had a lot to say about my punching power. Well, he is in for a shock on December 10 and those words will come back to haunt him as he is lying on his backside. That is if he makes it as far as the ring this time!

“Danny Williams can reflect all he wants on the past; although his memory might be jarred from the beating he took from Klitschko last December. Anyone who knows me will know that there is no quit in Audley Harrison, never has been, never will be. In 14 years of boxing I have never quit and in 34 years of life I have never quit, so Danny is in for a rude awakening as that gym session means nothing, especially as I did the four rounds and he never made me quit or put me down. The bottom line is Danny Williams is a gym fighter who can perform when he’s in the gym but when it matters, what has he done?

“Danny needs to face facts that he’s an underachiever who whenever the time has come for him to step up and show what he has, he has failed. Julius Francis, Samil Sam, Vitali Klitschko and add Audley Harrison to that list as there is no way he can beat me. I refuse to lose to a club fighter such as Danny Williams because that’s all he is.

“Danny, you might have heart, as you showed against Tyson, but I’m relishing the opportunity to show the UK fans that your time as a contender is long over and while you’ll be brave and determined, it’s my time. After my beating Danny, you really should consider hanging up your gloves.”

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