“Nino” is coming!
By Benny Henderson Jr, Presser (November 21, 2005)
David Rodriguez
I would like to introduce you the boxing media to the undefeated Texas State Heavyweight Champion David “Nino” Rodriguez 19-0 (18 KO’s) who is taking the fight world by storm, the hard hitting heavyweight is rocking and dropping all in his pathway and the twenty-eight year old pugilist is just getting started.

David is a lightening fast heavy-handed 6’5” force to be reckoned with who has stopped all but one in his unblemished heavyweight seven year campaign; seventeen has been shocked, rocked and dropped in the opening round, and he is just coming into his own as a fighter. After a stint in the amateurs ‘Nino’ stepped in the pro ranks in 1998 and his debut was an explosive first round knock out as many would be in his career.

In his seven years as a professional banger David has steam rolled the competition with his aggressive in your face style that has led to seventeen first round knock outs which earned him the Texas Sate Heavyweight title in November of 2003 where he demolished (8-1) Tommy Connelly in one round and New Mexico State Heavyweight title five months after his first belt where he smacked down the forty-six fight veteran Jeff Paul Lally also in the opener. The power puncher has just begun establishing his dominance over a division that most say is muddled, and Rodriguez is set to clear the waters and rule with an iron fist.

Living legend Oscar De La Hoya had this to say about Rodriguez, “When you look at David’s record you might assume all his opponents were easy, but I tend to think it points more to him being a devastating puncher. Make no mistake about it, he is a big time puncher.”

David was out of service to undergo hand surgery and has now successfully recovered from it and is set to return to the ring December 10th in Topeka, KS opponent TBA, and the power puncher feels confident in a successful return. “My recovery was a lot faster than what I expected it to be, I feel better than ever and I am ready to return”.

Rodriguez began camp last month and at this point the seven-month layoff has taken no ill effect on his progress, “I feel totally back to myself, my shots are powerful and my speed is phenomenal, I am more motivated now than what I have ever been”. David Rodriguez is ranked 14th by the NABF and looks to crack the top ten in the near future and has been featured in Ring Magazine. Bob Spagnola who has managed five-world champions guides David’s career and the former super featherweight contender Louis Burke trains Rodriguez. More fight info coming soon.

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