Bernard Hopkins' Greed for Money why Bouie Fischer Left
DHB (November 22, 2005)
Photo © German Villasenor
Bernard Fernadez of has reported in his latest column that Money is a main reason for Bouie Fischer leaving Bernard Hopkins.

Bernard writes in his column: ..."Bernard is a very difficult person to deal with," Fisher said from his home in Albion, N.J. "When it comes to money, Bernard wants it all for himself. He wants all the glory, he wants all the credit, he wants all the money. It's all about him, him, him.

"He's made some bad decisions in the past, and this is another one. What's wrong with this guy?

"He told me 3 years ago, 'I'm the captain of my ship.' I said, 'OK, captain. You're taking water.' "

Bernard Fernandez's column also hits on Fischer's feelings as to why Hopkins lost against Taylor...

Clip from Bernard Fernandez Column: Bouie Fisher also attributed Hopkins' loss to Taylor on obstinance. "He can't blame anybody but himself for what happened in that last fight," Fisher said. "Bernard wouldn't accept my instruction like he normally would. He thought he'd just show up and knock that kid out."

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