Mike Tyson's half Brother wants to fight Tyson
By DHB report (December 29, 2005)
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson's half Brother Cliff Couser admits he doesn't talk with his famous half Brother and would like to fight Mike Tyson.

In today's column by Ron Kantowski of the lasvegassun.com, Ron wirtes: Cliff Couser claims to be Iron Mike's half-brother. Couser says they have the same mother, different fathers. Other than that, about the only thing he says about Tyson is they don't talk.

And that he'd like to fight him someday.

Ron's Column adds: At 34 and with a record of 30-10 with 20 knockouts (he says, although the Sun archives indicate 24-9 is closer to the truth) that's still a possibility.

In boxing, anything is possible.

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Source used for this report: Ron Kantowski, lasvegassun.com.

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