UFC: Tito Ortiz speaks on dating Jenna Jameson
By DHB (Oct 10, 2006)
In a recent article by Anwar S. Richardson of The Tampa Tribune Tito Ortiz spoke on his love relationshp with Jenna Jameson. Jameson, 32, and Ortiz, 31, met at a nightclub this past July 8 after he defeated Ken Shamrock for a second time in his UFC career.

Ortiz confirmed he is in love saying: "I can pretty much say I'm in love with her. I've never met anyone like her. She's an amazing person. Very strong-willed, outgoing person and her attitude is amazing. She's very articulate,
smart and cunning," Ortiz said. "Her business savvy is amazing. For a girl to go through the career she's done, and to be where she is in life and how much money she's made, and to become the icon she's become, you have to be intelligent to do that."

In regards to if Ortiz's mom knows about him dating the world's most famous Adult Industry star, Ortiz said: "My mom doesn't know. She knows Jenna, but doesn't know that much. What Jenna used to do is almost six years ago. It's old news now. If she still did it, I probably wouldn't be hanging out with her, but sometimes you have to survive to get certain places. People take different roads, but she bettered herself from it and didn't worsen herself from it … Behind every good man is a good woman, and I can see her being that for me."

Source of Quotes: Anwar S. Richardson of The Tampa Tribune

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