UFC 64: Round by Round; Kenny Florian vs Sean Sherk
By HBKFan, DogPound (Oct 15, 2006)
Round one Sherk comes out and lands a hard left hook on Kenny and takes him down. Florian tries to sprawl out but Sherk stays on top of him. Sherk is starting to get out of Florian's guard and lands a few elbows ontop of Florian. Sherk throws some wild shots as Florian tries to kick Sherk back, Sherk doesnt really land anything. Florian is going fo ra chokehold while Sherk has put his head on the ground. Sherk just pulls Kenny's arm off of him. Sherk tries to pass the mount and lands a few solid punches on Florian's face. Florian tries to spin out and winds up ontop of Sherk and Sherk jumps up and gets a double leg on Florian and takes him back down. Sherk lands some hard elbows on Florian and lands a few more as Kenny tries to get some shots in as the round ends.

Sherk wins the first round

Round 2: Kenny lands a good leg kick on Sherk and a knee as well. Sherk takes Florian down as well. Sherk has a cut on his head from Florian's elbow from the bottom. Sherk is bleeding all over Florian and the ref steps in to check the cut. The Dr. says its ok and has them get back in the same position. But first Florian has the Dr whipe Sherk's blood from his eye. They get back in the same position and Florian lands another elbow and Sherk starts to throw some hard shots, but
none really land and Florian goes for a triangle briefly but Sherk just gets back ontop of Florian. Florian is tryng to use the fence to get out from under Sherk and Sherk gets the full mount and Sherk is trying to sink in a judo arm choke and Florian rolls and tries to get up and Sherk almost takes his back and Sherk goes for an armbar and Florian takes the top on Sherk. Florian throws a shot on the top before they go back to standing. Sherk goes in for the shoot and has one leg and gets Kenny pressed against the bottom of the cage, but not fully down. Florian gets up and Sherk is unable to get Kenny down and Florian escapes as Sherk misses a wild left hook as the round ends.

Close round, but I'll give it to Kenny Florian because Sherk didnt do much while ontop after cut.

Round 3: Sherk is bleeding before the round even started. Florian lands a hard kick to the body and Sherk lands a left hook and takes Florian down. Sherk is throwing a few shots on the side of Kenny's head. Sherk is bleeding all over the place. Sherk is landing some very decent elbows on Florian's face, Kenny has good defense. Sherk is starting to reign down some good punches and elbows from the top and Florian is trying to shoot a few elbows from the bottom while Sherk keeps throwing elbows of his own. The ref tells them to stay busy. Sherk has side control and Florian tries to spin away but it doesnt work. Sherk takes Kenny's back and is trying to get his hooks in and Kenny rolls and Sherk just stays ontop of Kenny and the ref stands them up. Kenny lands another body kick. Kenny misses an overhand right and Sherk lands a lfet hook. Sherk lands a combo and high knee on Kenny and Kenny lands two high kicks as the round ends.

Sean Sherk takes the third round

Round 4: Sherk lands an inside leg kick on Florian. Sherk goes for the shoot and Kenny hauls ass while Sherk chases him and fails to get the takedown. Sherk gets Florian down and starts to pound on Kenny's head. Kenny rolls to his back and Sherk takes his back and puts him against the cage. Sherk lands some hard shots from the top of Florian while the crowd chants "Kenny" and Florian is trying to use the fence to find a way out but Sherk manages to stay ontop of Florian and Florian shoots another elbow out there. Sherk lands a few big elbows on Florian and Florian looks a little shaken up. The ref stands them up. Kenny lands a hard body kick on Sherk and the round ends.

Sean Sherk takes the 4rth round

Round 5: Sherk says "good job bro" as they touch gloves and Florian lands a body kick and Sherk gets a takedown on Florian. Sherk is landing some hard elbows from the top and Florian tries to spin out and land an armbar on Sherk but nothing happens. The ref stands them up and Florian shoots a high kick on Sherk and they circle and lands another high kick and Sherk shoots in and Florian tries to sink in a guillotine choke hold. Sherk seems to be just lying in the choke catching his breathe. Sherk starts to pull Florian under him, but Florian gets up and Sherk picks him up but Kenny grabs the fence but Sherk slams him. Sherk lands some good elbows. Sherk is just LAYING on Florian and looks like he is raping Florian. Sherk starts to throw some body shots and Florian jumps and tries to get out nad Sherk just stakes him back down against the cage and Kenny is throwing a few elbows but Sherk just throws his own elbows from the top as the round ends.

Sherk wins the 5th round and I have him winning 49-46
The Judges have it 49-46, 49-46 and 50-46 for Sean Sherk

Post fight- Sherk says Florian is tough and gives him credit. Sherk is still bleeding even with a hat on during the interview. He says nothing would've stopped him in this fight.

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