UFC: Earnings for Chuck Liddell and Matt Hughes Released
By Media Report (Oct 4, 2006)
According to a report by the California State Athletic Commission, UFC champion Matt Hughes only earned US$130,000 for defending his title defence against B.J. Penn at UFC 63: Hughes vs. Penn. According to published reports, half of that amount was earned in the form of a win bonus. Penn earned $50,000 for his role in the action.

Light-heavyweight champion Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell, did better, earning $275,000 for his title defence against
Renato Sobral at UFC 62. Chuck is easily the most popular fighter in the UFC these days, and Matt Hughes is riding a wave of popularity himself.

Both Liddell and Hughes have both publically stated recently that they are happy with what they earn in the UFC. Both know if it wasn't for the UFC, niether one would be making a great living playing in the game the love.

Source of Pay Information: CP

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