Scott Harrison busted for Theft of Car
By DHB (Oct 17, 2006)
Scott Harrison is under arrest in Spain for alleged theft of a automobile and the assault on a police officer. The British Foreign Office confirmed on Tuesday that Harrison was being detained after an incident in Malaga on October 6.

Harrison's manager Barry Hughes insisted on Tuesday that his boxer had done nothing wrong.

Hughes quoted by UK media said: "We are looking to have him out today or tomorrow. We believe he is being
unlawfully held. He had no interpreter when he was arrested or at the court. Scott denies assaulting anyone."

According to Hughes, Harrison claims a language problem led to the arrest. "Scott's car broke down and there was a confrontation because of a language communication problem. He doesn't speak any Spanish and the officer didn't speak any English. This is what led to Scott's arrest."

Source of Quotes: UK Media

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