Boxing Interview with Oscar De La Hoya on MMA: Part 10
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Rich Bergeron: First I was wondering if you could comment on what happened with your plans to get into promoting MMA with Affliction and secondly I was wondering if any of the business aspects of your promotional work create any kind of distraction in preparing for a fight. Do you want me to …

Oscar De La Hoya: Right, well we decided that we are going to focus all our energies in promoting boxing. Boxing is the thing that we have to focus on because there's so much room for growth. The
potential is enormous and we definitely want to capitalize and have all our focuses and energy in taking boxing to another level when it comes to publicity, when it comes to branding, when it comes to attracting new sponsors.

You know, so it's, you know, it was very crucial for us to make sure we have our focuses on boxing because we still haven't even gotten to where we want to get. And, you know, when it comes to maximizing the potential that boxing has, you know, boxing is a sport that has a lot of room for growth and we have to make sure we focus on that. And we'll still be working with Affliction obviously. I mean, Affliction is a great brand. Affliction has done a tremendous job in promoting fights, promoting boxing, and, you know, Affliction is very much interested in working with Golden Boy.

Richard Schaefer: Maybe I can just - this is Richard, if I can just add to that. We don't rule out eventually to get involved in mixed martial arts but the time is not now. I think mixed martial arts business is going through some very rough patches and some very I think transition issues.

I don't know for those of you who follow the market, but there were recently two SEC filings from two of the companies which actually are publicly held that raised doubt as to the validity of if they can continue as ongoing concerns. So we sort of like want to see what's going to happen with the sport. We want to see how everything is going to shape out and maybe at one point we will enter the mixed martial arts business and diversify our business.

But right now Oscar is absolutely right. There is going to be a lot of news coming out to boxing. Our focus is 100% on boxing and actually on Saturday, May 3 we will have a press conference at noon from the media hotel where we are going to make two major announcements as it relates to the sport of boxing and Golden Boy. So stay tuned on that and we just love the sport of boxing and we have barely - as Oscar said, we have barely scratched the surface.

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