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By Manny Pacquiao, Crave Online (Nov 20, 2009) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Crave Online)  
Now that I have celebrated my victory in Vegas and in Los Angeles I am just really looking forward to celebrating with my Country and all my Filipino fans. I am flying home today and can not wait to enjoy the parade and an all the people that come out to cheer the victory.

I understand that a lot of people want to know if I want to fight Floyd Mayweather. The truth is of course I do. But right now I do not want to focus on that. I want to enjoy my victory as it was the hardest fight I have ever
been in. Man could Cotto hit hard. My ear and eyes are still healing from some of the hard blows.

Once I am done celebrating this victory and resting with my family my promotional company will have my next fight all planned out for me and whoever the fighter is I will want to fight them. I understand Floyd wants to start talking about it now, but he fought a month ago, so he has had time to celebrate, to relax. If the Mayweather fights happens...

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