WARNING! How Floyd Mayweather & Lil Adrien Broner are making it rain these days! (icheehuahua Parody)
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WARNING! How Floyd Mayweather & Lil Adrien Broner are making it rain these days! (icheehuahua Parody)
By icheehuahua on Doghouse Boxing (March 6, 2014)

Parody - How Floyd Mayweather and Adrien Broner are making it Rain these days.
Parody by © icheehuahua, Doghouse Boxing Inc.

- Today's musical inspiration - We need a great Stripper Song - Warrant's Cherry Pie
- Press play and rock out!
This parody image debuted today (March 6, 2014) on our twitter feed and home page here at DoghouseBoxing.com. If you like it, please share on twitter via the image below (or share using the facebook button above.)

Inspiration for this image: By now you are fully aware that Floyd 'Money' Mayweather Jr. will be facing off against Marcos Maidana this coming Cinco De Mayo - Maidana got the job after his last performance in which he beat up Adrien Broner (Who Floyd calls his little Brother.) So basically, Big Brother Floyd is out to clean up the mess for little Bro. You are probably also aware that Floyd has made Amir Khan an offer to fight his little Bro (Broner) on his undercard and should Khan win, then Floyd says he'll fight Khan. (Reminds you of the school yard... you win a fight, only to have the victim's big brother show up!)

Both Mayweather and Broner have been known to make it rain (throw money into the air) in Strip Clubs.

Parody description: Doghouse Boxing Presents: A Public Service Health Warning. Coming to a Strip Club Near You... - How Floyd 'Money' Mayweather & lil Bro Adrien Broner are making it rain these days!

Big Bro Floyd enters the strip club and says: Anyone who F#CKS my lil Bro first... Gets F#CKED by me next!

Lil Bro Broner says: "I told ya! You're gonna Pay for this shit!"

*All icheehuahua parodies are created for fun, puns, shits and giggles - Sometimes political, humorous (hopefully), satire for sure.

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