Adrien Broner - Face it, He's MAD! Finally makes Cover of Famous Magazine (Parody)
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Adrien Broner - Face it, He's MAD! Finally makes Cover of Famous Magazine (Parody)
By icheehuahua on Doghouse Boxing (April 6, 2014)

Adrien Broner is Alfred E. Newman MAD! Parody created by icheehuahua, Doghouse Boxing
Parody by icheehuahua, Doghouse Boxing Inc.

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April 6, 2014 - Today's parody; "ADRIEN BRONER - Let's FACE it... He's MAD", is created by icheehuahua (Chee).

Inspiration for this image: Finally Adrien Broner makes the cover of a Famous Magazine! For flushing money down the toilet (and his career - Thank you Marcos Maidana and Paulie Malignaggi / who both proved Broner ain't the next Floyd Mayweather), for having a disgusting Porno of his on the internet, for making terrible music with 'BAND CAMP' groupies - for having an uncalled for Ego and mostly only capable of saying stupid crap out of his mouth. You name it - Broner has become Boxing's biggest laughing stock. Most so-called boxing websites are fans sites, they won't print or say anything that might offend - jock riders of the lowest order - but Doghouse Boxing has always been about the 'REAL BITE'. We don't sleep with Promoters, Publicists or Boxers - and the Boxing Industry and Fans respect us for it. If Broner wants to act like a freak show circus act, that is up to him - but he should expect to be called out on it and not praised and encouraged for his stupidity. Broner claims he will remain the same jackass he's always been - and to that we say, you won't inspire us in boxing, but you'll inspire many more parodies - for that, we thank you.

For being Boxing's MAD clown - we've crossed Broner with the world's most famous dunce who has a large ego for being a loser - Alfred E. Neuman - and we stuck him on the cover of the Undsputed King of Parodies - MAD MAGAZINE. Hey what can we say, Alfred E. Neuman obviously inspires us... so maybe all is not lost for Broner (Nah, who are we kidding!)

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