Denton Daley: "If you hold a cruiserweight belt, I will be coming for you!" - Interview
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Denton Daley: "If you hold a cruiserweight belt, I will be coming for you!" - Interview
By Anson Wainwright, Doghouse Boxing (Feb 13, 2014)

Denton Daley
- Photo © Team Denton Daley -
Last year was a breakthrough year for Denton Daley. He emerged from the shadows at the fringes of the cruiserweight scene, besting former world title challenger Richard Hall for the NABF cruiserweight title. He followed the win by forcing Faisal Ibnel Arrami to retire on his stool at the end of the fourth stanza before closing out the year shutting out former fringe contender Jean Marc Monrose.

Despite turning pro at the rather advanced age of 27, having only first laced up gloves in his mid-20s, Daley, 11-0 (6), has progressed very rapidly.

“I give credit to my former coach, Dewith Fraser for building my foundation and to my current coach, Syd Vanderpool for exploiting my talents.” said the humble Daley.
“Denton is a very fast and well-conditioned athlete. His athleticism allows him to adapt and compensate for his lack of boxing experience,” Vanderpool would tell Maxboxing. “He is a student of the game, however, and understands better than most what is going on inside the ring. He learns with every challenge that is put in front of him. If you look at his fights, you will notice that he is continually adding to what he is able to do inside the ring. World championship is what he is about...that’s why he puts in the hours of dedication to training!”

With that in mind, “The Brampton Bomber,” who turns 32 next month, meets grizzled veteran Andres Taylor this Saturday in Ontario, his home region.

“I believe it will be a tough fight,” said Daley, “as [Taylor] wants what I have and seems to be a determined fighter.”

Daley’s progression is mirrored by already being ranked by two of the sanctioning bodies at cruiserweight,
15 by the WBC and seven by the WBA.

Anson Wainwright - On Saturday, you meet Andres Taylor. What are your thoughts on that fight and what he brings to this fight?

Denton Daley - I believe it will be a tough fight as he wants what I have and seems to be a determined fighter. I used to be hungry like him when I fought for the North American titles and now I channel my determination towards the world title.

AW - In your last fight, you impressively shut out Jean Marc Monrose. Could you tell us about that fight?

DD - Yes, that fight was a good experience for me to be challenged by someone as awkward as Jean Marc. He presented a style I haven
t previously experienced during my time as a fighter and it was good for me to go through it at this stage in my career. I shut him out, proving that I can adapt and execute my coachs teachings.

AW - How do you feel you
ve progressed as a fighter?

DD - I believe I
ve progressed very well given my limited experience in the fight game. My progression is based on sheer hard work and discipline, coupled with the mentoring of my coach, Syd Vanderpool. As long as I stay this way, my learning will be limitless.

AW - How far do you feel you are from the top cruiserweights in the world?

DD - I feel that I am closer with each and every single fight I win going forward. I am physically and mentally prepared to challenge when the opportunity presents itself to me. I am ready!

AW - The cruiserweight division isn
t very popular in North America; however, in Europe, its hot. Is that something youre looking at? What do you think of the world champions?

DD - Yes, I am looking forward to travelling to Europe and getting experience from fighting some of the great fighters there. I respect and believe a world championship doesn
t just happen. The world champions in Europe will always have my respect and I truly believe they are all great fighters in their own way.

AW – Let’s talk about you personally. You hadn
t even laced a pair of gloves until 2007. Can you tell us how this came about?

DD - I have always been interested in boxing and had an undercover love for the sport. I started out as a basketball player for my local college but the passion for boxing had always been there. What I mean is I
ve always loved what it was about and respected the fight game to the point whereas I wouldnt train or call myself a fighter if I wasnt going to be able to dedicate myself to the science every day, in and out of the ring. You dont play boxing, and thats something Ive always respected and ensured if I was going to enter the ring, I would be prepared each and every time without excuses.

AW - So you were naturally talented at boxing?

DD - I wouldn
t say naturally talented by any means as I give credit to my former coach, Dewith Fraser for building my foundation and to my current coach, Syd Vanderpool for exploiting my talents. Without them, I dont think I could have propelled as fast and as far as I have.

AW - You were a very talented basketball player in college. How were you able to translate that into boxing?

DD - A lot of movements in basketball can be easily transitioned into boxing. The reaction time, movement and awareness are key qualities to have in basketball as well as boxing. I guess that
s where Ive made my transition successfully.

AW - Tell us about your life away from boxing.

DD - Yes, away from boxing, I am a very personable person. I
m a very boring guy in the sense that I find television to be very fascinating, probably because I spend very little time watching TV. I enjoy movies based on true stories. I like to invest and have a very businesslike mindset. Im always willing to learn how to expand my horizons through business-related topics.

AW – Lastly, do you have a message for the cruiserweight division?

DD - I
m not in a position to call anyone out yet, so I will say this: If you hold a belt or worthiness, I will be coming for you!

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