Interview with Robert Stieglitz and Arthur Abraham
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Interview with Robert Stieglitz and Arthur Abraham
By Anson Wainwright, Doghouse Boxing (March 1, 2014)

Robert Stieglitz -V- Arthur Abraham III
Robert Stieglitz -V- Arthur Abraham III
Magdeburg, Germany - Residence -Berlin, Germany
5’11 Height 5’9
168 Weight 168
32 Age 34
46-3(22) Record 38-4(28)

WBO super middleweight (2009-12) & (2013-present) World Titles IBF middleweight (2005-2009) & WBO super middleweight (2012-13)

TKO 4 Arthur Abraham 2013, PTS12 Eduard Gutknecht 2010, TKO11 Karoly Balzsay 2009 Most Impressive Fights KO12 Jermain Taylor 2009, TKO 4 Edison Miranda 2008, PTS12 Howard Eastman 2005.

RING Rating 5

Dirk Dzemski Trainer Ulli Wegner

This Saturday Robert Stieglitz and Arthur Abraham meet in a highly anticipated rubber match at the GETEC Arena, Magdeburg, Germany. They contest the WBO super middleweight title, currently held by Stieglitz, the pair are tied at one victory each.

In the summer of 2012 Abraham won a close unanimous decision 116-112 twice and 115-113 to unseat Robert Stieglitz to become the WBO super middleweight champion.

The fight was close and competitive with many believing Stieglitz had done enough to retain the title so they met in a rematch in March 2013, this time the German based Russian jumped on Abraham from the get go, surprising “King” Arthur, who’s face swelled badly, so much so his corner threw the towel at the start of fourth round.

Since then both have fought and won two interim bouts, both enter the third meeting knowing victory is imperative to their careers.

Abraham's promoter Kalle Sauerland gave his incite into the soon to be trilogy.

“Arthur's last three fights have been disappointing. He beat [Robert] Stieglitz and thought he crushed Stieglitz’s spirit but he didn’t and lost the rematch. He will be motivated like never before for the third fight.”

In Germany each fight has been well received with 4.92 million television audience watching the first contest, a market share of 29.2%. The rematch didn't fair quiet as well 4.20 million tuned in, a market share of 21.7%.

When neither Sauerland Event or SES-Boxing could broker a deal, the rubber match went to a purse bid which was won by SES-Boxing with a whopping $3,135,000 meaning Stieglitz as champion would receive 75% of the bid $2,351,250, whereas Abraham will receive the remaining $783,750. 

SES-Boxing Promoter Ulf Steinforth would say "Of course, I am happy that we won the purse bid, but especially for Robert, my SES-Boxing team and our German TV partner SAT 1."
Leading in to their fight both Abraham (through Thomas Schlabe of Sauerland Event) Stieglitz (through Christof Hawerkamp of SES-Boxing) took time out to speak with
The action can be seen in America beginning at 5PM ET, while in the UK it will be broadcast at 8PM.
Anson Wainwright - You’ve fought Arthur twice before, what are your thoughts on fighting him again?

Robert Stieglitz - No deep thoughts, he’s the mandatory challenger, that’s it! I’ll fight everybody, and now it’s Abraham for the third time!

AW - You’ve fought Robert twice before, what are your thoughts on fighting him again?

Arthur Abraham - The only thing on my mind is getting my hands back on the WBO belt. I beat him decisively when we met first, he landed some kind of “lucky punch” in the rematch but this won’t happen again.

AW - What do you feel are Arthur's strengths and weaknesses?

RS - Maybe he is or was a good puncher, maybe he’s limited in boxing skills, but I know his weaknesses very well. (smiles)

AW - What do you feel are Robert’s strengths and weaknesses?

AA - He is a well-conditioned fighter with a high punch output – there is a reason of him being a world champion. Still I have to say that he is no defensive genius and his beard is just mediocre to me. In the first fight I let him off the hook and settled for a points victory. The rematch obviously didn’t go my way. This time I will send him crushing to the canvas when the chance arises – and it will!

AW - In the second fight you seemed to surprise him by coming out so strong and fast?

RS - I think our tactical strategy, my coach Dirk Dzemski and built out, was brilliant – and we’ll surprise him again!

AW - In the second fight you seemed to be surprised with how strong and fast he started?

AA - Yes and it was absolutely my fault not doing anything against his aggressive onslaught. I have prepared for that and various other strategies of his. If Stieglitz tries to go all out from the start again, he is in for a shock!

AW - Since you’ve fought each other you’ve both had interim fights what do you think of his performances? Wilbeforce Shihepo (PTS12) & Giovanni De Carolis (PTS12).

RS - These were not good fights, Abraham seemed to be not at his peak of shape. Maybe this was tactical… - or not?

AW - You’ve both fought twice since your last meeting what do you think of his performances? Yuzo Kiyota (TKO10) & Isaac Ekpo (PTS12)

AA - He did enough to win. Honestly, I did the same. On March 1 I will step up my game by miles. Is he able to do the same? I don’t know

AW - Tell us about your preparation for this bout?

RS - I stayed in Magdeburg in our SES Boxing gym, we had one week at the Baltic Sea as a break. Now I do my sparring sessions, everything went well up to now!

AW - Arthur how has your preparation for this bout gone?

AA - I’m in training camp for more than eight weeks. It is one of the longest preparations I ever had for a fight. My sparring was good; I was injury-free the whole time. Actually, I’m nearly on weight.

AW - How important is this fight to you not just in terms of winning but your future and legacy in the sport?

RS - I will be the World Champion, also after this fight. And, it’s my 50th fight as a professional boxer, there’s no active fighter in Germany with this amount of fights!

AW - How important is this fight to you not just in terms of winning but your future and legacy in the sport?

AA - This is the most important thing in my life at the moment. It’s the only focus I have at the moment. I can’t tell you about the future or my legacy at this time as I’m still an active fighter. After his career a boxer talks about his legacy. My career will still be vital after March 1 as I will beat Stieglitz, become world champion again and fight on!

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