Sergio Thompson Interview: "After January 19th, world championship will come"

Sergio Thompson Interview: "After January 19th, world championship will come"
By Anson Wainwright (Jan 16, 2013) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Juan Carlos Manzano)

Sergio Thompson
Even above his own natural weight, the chance to fight Jorge Linares was too much for fringe contender Sergio Thompson to pass up last March. It was as he claims, “the chance of a lifetime” and he wasn’t merely showing up for a payday, especially in his hometown town of Cancun. Linares was looking to bounce back having lost in his previous fight (against Antonio DeMarco), so “Yeyo” jumped on his opponent early dropping a startled Linares in the second round and cutting his eyelid along the way. This forced referee Bill Clancy to stop the action, giving Thompson his greatest triumph thus far. He then promptly dropped back down to 130 where he won three more fights (all in five rounds or less), collecting the WBC international “silver” belt and elevating himself into the number one position of the WBC in the process. The 29-year-old has vaunted power which has taken care of 23 of his 25 wins within the distance. He’s never lost at super featherweight with just two losses (both controversially) by majority decision and split decision at featherweight and lightweight respectively. Thompson kicks off his 2013 campaign when he meets Moises Castro this Saturday, featured on Televisa in Mexico and FOX Espanol in the United States.

Anson Wainwright - You beat Luis Armando Juarez last year, stopping him in five rounds. Can you tell us about that fight?
Sergio Thompson - It was a great fight but I'm getting ready for the next one this January 19thand after, the world championship will come.
AW - Who are the members of your team?
ST - The Bueno family, Jose Luis Bueno Sr. and Jr.
AW - You were born in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Can you tell us about your early years?
ST - Of course, like many people I had necessities and I was poor at home. Unfortunately, where I come from, Chetumal, boxing is not common. To excel in boxing, I had to go to [elsewhere]. I have seven years [away from] home for training. Im looking for a dream and if God wants to, itll happen in 2013.
AW - What do you think of the current champions at 130, the WBC’s Gamaliel Diaz, the WBA’s Takashi Uchiyama, the IBF’s Juan Carlos Salgado and the WBO’s Roman Martinez?
ST - I respect everyone but my mentality is [that] Gamaliel Diaz [is the best]. It's because I'm 100% with the WBC but all of them are great champions.

AW - Earlier last year, you stunned Jorge Linares. Can you tell us about it?
ST - It was the opportunity of my life, even if I went to another division. Thank God I trained perfectly and hard and my mind was only to win that fight and I won, thanks to my training and my team but as well, I thank the government of Quintana Roo, where I'm from, and the [Governor] Roberto Borge Angulo.

AW - You’ve only lost twice; both losses were controversial, one by split decision and one by majority decision. What are your thoughts on those two fights now?
ST - For me, it was an immature time and inexperience in training. Right now is totally different; I'm 100% at the gym and with my team working harder.

AW - You go by the surname of “Thompson.” However, your real name is “Sergio Fernando Diaz Santos.” Why do you use the “Thompson” part? Could you tell us the backstory with that?
ST - This is because my father is from Belize, a British colony. “Thompson” comes from there. In Mexico, I had to use Diaz.
AW – Please tell us about your life outside boxing, your hobbies, interests, family, if you have a job, etc.
ST - Right now, I work in a souvenir and handcraft store in Costa Maya. I really enjoy sport fishing and the ocean. On my vacations, I always stay at home where I'm from with my family and friends.

AW - What are your goals in boxing?
ST - Be a world champion and retire young.
AW - Who is your boxing hero?

ST - The great Mexican champion Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.

AW - In closing, do you have a message for the new WBC super featherweight champion, Gamaliel Diaz?
ST - I send lots of congratulations to Gamaliel Diaz for being the world champion and winning in Japan but soon, we’re gonna be with each other in the ring. Unfortunately for me and him and fortunately for the fans, they really are going to enjoy the fight because we are Mexicans and we’re gonna fight in a war.

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