Fedor Emelianenko takes out Brett Rogers - All hail the Last Emperor!
By Anthony Santiago (Nov 8, 2009) DoghouseBoxing  
All hail the last emperor, Fedor Emelianenko. Once again Fedor proves why he is the greatest of all-time in mixed martial arts by showcasing his skills and knocking out previously unbeaten heavyweight knockout artist, Brett Rogers in two rounds last night in his Strikeforce debut.

The nearly unbeaten Fedor Emelianenko, (31-1) 1 NC, hasn't been defeated since 2000, and you can't even call that loss a real loss due to the event. Tournament rules said someone had to lose and he got caught with
an illegal elbow 15 seconds into the fight and it had to be stopped. Though he avenged the loss in PRIDE years later, Fedor is undefeated and showed no signs of letting up. The king of MMA made his debut into Strikeforce and into a cage last night, squaring off with Brett "The Grim" Rogers.

They started off cautiously, feeling each other out but it wouldn't last long. The undefeated Rogers did extremely well for himself, breaking Fedor's nose with a single jab in the opening round. After a takedown and a quick scramble, they were up and Rogers was pressing Fedor against the cage, trying to sap some energy from him. Clearly bothered by the bloody nose, Fedor worked through it and rocked Rogers with a massive left hand that snapped Roger's head back and tossed him around to the ground and worked some of his ground game. In half guard, Fedor looked to secure a kimura but was rolled by Rogers and Rogers landed some heavy shots on Fedor. Fedor then caught a punch and worked an armbar which Rogers rolled out of. Again in half guard Fedor looked to set up an arm triangle choke but the massive Rogers simply wouldn't budge. Getting to his feet, round one ended as Fedor tried a leaping right hand to a downed Rogers like he has been known for doing in plenty of fights.

Round 2 began as Fedor missed a wide left hand. Rogers displayed good movement while Fedor stalked him and clinched against the cage. Fedor threw Rogers off him and unleashed a 14 punch combination that Rogers blocked. After throwing a few knees Rogers backed off and moved to the center of the cage. Fedor bounced and threw a single, vicious, right hand that dropped Rogers and knocked him out cold. Rogers, now (10-1) with 9 KO's couldn't put into words how he felt and hardly gave Fedor any credit, but it might have been the overwhelming fact he lost his first fight and was clearly emotionally upset.

Fedor's WAMMA heavyweight title was not on the line, as he displayed another performance that has people questioning if he is man or machine. The talent behind the soft spoken, pudgy Russian is a mystery. It almost seems unreal the way he comes in and dismantles his opposition. Questions to whether he could adapt to a cage environment ceased, and questions that spoke about his recent competition should cease as well as he fights the best available opponents and keeps proving himself once again. At 32 years old, Fedor could retire right now and never be questioned. He would go down in history as the greatest of all time. To the mainstream media who hasn't followed mma long, they would argue and probably say he needs to fight in the UFC to prove that, which is ridiculous. The competition Fedor has fought especially overseas during his PRIDE days would steamroll the current heavyweight division in the UFC. But to fans around the world who are in depth mma fans like myself, we know the Fedor doesn't need the UFC, the UFC needs Fedor.

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