"Fraud" Mayweather Jr... A "Pretty Boy" Needs to grow into a Man
By Johnny Benz (July 19, 2006)
Floyd Mayweather Jr., or "FRAUD" as so many these days are penning him, feels he is the cream of the crop and so popular that he can afford to over look 8 Million dollars by avoiding Antonio Margarito. Mayweather's who's own career is littered with no name and unpopular boxers and has yet to be in a career defining fight, blows off the Margarito challenge. 

So sure of himself, Mayweather is quoted by Keith Idec of NorthJersey.com, saying "As far as Antonio Margarito, don't nobody even know him. But then they could tell you who Floyd Mayweather is, they can tell you who Shane Mosley is, they can tell you who Oscar De La Hoya is. (Margarito is) going to have to beat a couple more known names
to get some recognition, so we can have a bigger fight down the line."

I highly doubt anyone outside of Boxing and the Mayweather's home state of Detroit know who he is. At this point in his career it is a joke for him to even mention his popularity up there with De la Hoya or Mosley. Those guys actually have had fights with fighters who had pulses. I have yet to see any of them turn down 8 million dollars to fight a worthy challenge. It's not about PPV, its about money, and the 8 million was already on the table! No tickets had yet been sold! If Mayweather was such a draw like he wants us to believe he is, the 8 million dollars and his name on the card should be more than enough to make this a huge bout.  If Margarito is such a Nobody as Mayweather would like you to believe...then remember this, Mayweather is a fighter who has made a career fighting nobodies. He has fought nobodies and never made 8 million dollars fighting anyone.  Yet Margarito is not worthy?! Someone needs to pull the mic away from Pretty "FRAUD" Mayweather, because his excuses are lame, without merit and actually makes him look stupid.

Lucky for boxing fans, Margarito himself has had enough of Mayweather's chicken ass ways. "I'm not going to waste another breath talking about Mayweather," said Margarito to NorthJersey.com. "The questions keep coming, but I really don't want to speak about Mayweather anymore. He doesn't want to take the fight. It's not going to happen and I've got to move on with my career."

Well what do we expect? You don't call yourself "Pretty Boy" if you are looking to be a Man.

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