The Raging Bull Tramples Jorge Arce
By Brandon Estrict, (Feb 8, 2009) Photo © German Villasenor  
Right from the opening bell, unified super flyweight world champion Vic ‘The Raging Bull’ Darchinyan took the fight to Jorge Arce. This was a slightly different Darchinyan though, as he showed off his improving defense and movement before getting in that huge left hand about midway through the round, the punch that set the tone for the rest of the rounds and would eventually hammer home an 11th round knockout for Darchinyan.

Arce, now 51-5-1 (39), began to turn the fight around with big moments in both the 3rd and 4th rounds when he let his hands go and got in some of his trademark left hooks that appeared to get Darchinyan’s attention if nothing else. His efforts would prove to be futile however, as Darchinyan came on strong in both rounds and seemed to do enough to win them although Arce was awarded the 3rd on official scorecards. Undeterred, Darchinyan went on to dominate ‘El Travieso’ winning every single round thereafter, and looked to be on the verge of getting the stoppage at several points in the fight as Arce continuously found himself being pummeled on the ropes. The ring doctor stepped in after the 11th, advising the referee to call a halt to the bout as Arce was badly cut over both eyes, especially the right eye and continued to take punishment without much resistance.

In a show of great sportsmanship both fighters embraced after the bout, surprising as there seemed to be a great deal of mutual distaste between the two, the result of a grueling 3 year war of words. Darchinyan was very respectful in his post-fight interview, complimenting Arce on being a “great fighter.” The respect was nice to see and well deserved, as Arce showed the heart, chin and will of a true champion and warrior, continuing to press forward and refusing to go down in the midst of Darchinyan’s monstrous left hands. We don’t know if this is the end of the line for Arce, but this is his 2nd loss in the past 2 years at the top level of the sport, and he was thoroughly dominated in both fights. It seems as though his days of glory are behind him, and as he took a pretty sustained beating tonight and after years of violent wars, you have to wonder if his wellbeing would be best served by hanging up the gloves, or at least taking a long break. Either way, I would like to thank El Travieso for a great career, up to this point, and many great fights. His ability and heart in the squared circle combined with his charismatic showman-like personality outside of it makes him a great champion and great for our sport.

Darchinyan, who improves to 32-1-1 (26), and 4-0-1 (4) since being stopped by flyweight champion Nonito Donaire, looks to be headed for bigger and better things. While promoter Gary Shaw said he would not match his fighter with Donaire again, he did suggest, as Darchinyan himself has many times, that he could move up as high as junior featherweight for fights with Israel Vasquez, Rafael Marquez, or alternatively take on WBO super flyweight titleholder Fernando Montiel. Darchinyan has even mentioned Manny Pacquiao to anyone who would listen, however unlikely that would seem. But hey, crazier things have happened and you never say never in boxing.

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