Doghouse Boxing Mailbag: Insane Pacquiao Fans, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Dawson vs Tarver II and Much More
By Brandon Estrict, (May 9, 2009) Photo © German Villasenor  
Q: By this time you have received lots of email in reply to your article on Pacquiao Hatton fight...On the nextPacquiao fight, especially against the ducking gayweather...Put your money where your mouth is and bet all the

rest that was left, you will soon find yourself without a bed...Did you see that first right cross tha slips in as Hatton

the bully tries to make a swinging left..Its so fast, so powerful, the video is so deceptive humans will not see it coming..You know where it came from,,,, the ballistic speed punch Pacquiao does as he practice and is being referred to by that

conman Mayweather Sr. as amateurism.. And you know where it originates, from the ground up, from the calves to the legs up to the arms going to the fist and 'BANG' to the chin of the undefeatable

140 pounder your idol champion...Hey another thing, Pacquiao is the only fighter who kneel down and pray before and after a fight, it seem to me he have the almighty on his side always.IN HUMILITY THERE IS GREATNESS...His critics are just a bunch of jealous losers..looks like you are one of them..EAT YOUR

CROW MATE.  – Edward Delen

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: Where to start with this one? Punctuation? Spelling? Obsessive, unnecessary use of the ENTER key? I don’t know whether to feel for some of you jokers, or to be proud that Pacquiao has such wildly devoted fans. Listen, Manny Pacquiao is a great fighter and has convinced me of just that long ago, and took another huge step forward this past Saturday. I, like many others, turned out to be dead wrong in picking Ricky Hatton to win, however I wasn’t aware that, due to that, I had began to blindly idolize Ricky Hatton, and hate Manny Pacquiao. Credit is given where it is due. But, just to really get to ‘ya, my money is still on Floyd over Manny at 40 or 47!

Hey Brandon. I’m going to put up a prediction page, I want your prediction and comment on Tarver vs Dawson? Thanks…. Shawn,

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: I like Dawson by another clear decision. A KO is very possible, and history says when an older fighter near his end gets beaten so decisively the first time, the rematch gets worse, but I think the hand injury and the 2 month delay may play a role. Gotta see how Dawson’s repaired hand reacts the first time he gets the top of the head, or an elbow. If there’s no problem, we could see Team Tarver wave the white flag.

I was equally wrong on that one. I told a buddy midway through the first round that Hatton's style was terrible against Pacquiao's, but I didn't think it would end so early. I have to take my hat off to Pac man, he continues to impress me. – Wes Parker

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: You and me both bro. I knew my pick was doomed in the first 30 seconds of the fight by the way that Hatton came in head first with his guard low and loose. I also expected Manny’s right hook to be a key in the fight, but I didn’t think it would hurt Ricky the first time it touched him! My hat is off to the Pac-man…

What can you say now, Brandon?
You've lost your credibility, I suggest you stop writing articles on boxing.
Viva Pacquiao --- the best boxer we ever have.
What's the title of your next article will be if you still have the gall the write one?  Suggestion "I was wrong about Pacquiao. I'm sorry. Manny is the greatest!!!"- Dindo doggoneson

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: Wow, a little harsh no?! Check my JMM/Diaz, and Mosley/Margarito predictions. You can’t be spot on everytime I suppose. Anyway, congrats to the Pac-Man and his insane fans, once again.

Hi Brandon,
Thanks for your excellent article "No Excuses for Ricky Hatton This Time Around."  Unlike many articles that have recently cropped up, yours is not just a rehash of dry news tidbits but is an insightful essay that reads more like a term paper because of its thorough and impartial analysis of the subject. It was a pleasure reading it.  Thanks again.
From a Filipino boxing fan,

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: Very refreshing to speak with a Filipino fan who seems to be a fan of boxing in general as opposed to one that would gladly frame Pacquiao’s jockstrap in their living room if they had the chance! I appreciate the kind words and will continue to contribute to Boxing to the best of my abilities.

Enjoyed both articles. Especially the don't bet ya house one on pack. Really good way to pull the reader into the hype n than bitch smack um up with a reality check with sum good back up facts. Way to go bro, enjoy the fight tomorrow night?? U having a get together??! Ill prolly have 15-20. Thats about it. Hit me up later bro. Ant Lynn from Jersey

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: My man! I guess we’ll be taking that L together lol….Funny thing is, Manny gave Ricky credit for his punching power, acknowledging his left hook. It’s mind-blowing to me that Hatton fought in such a way that he didn’t give himself the chance to get to the later rounds where that power may have helped him out. Of course, from the looks of how things played out, I don’t know if it would’ve mattered anyway.

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