Doghouse Boxing’s Mini-Mailbag: Mosley vs Mayweather, Pacquiao/Ali, Ricky Hatton’s Blooper Reel and Much More!
By Brandon Estrict, Doghouse Boxing (June 1, 2009)  
Brandon, with the recent beatdown of Antonio Margarito and the reserved, but good showing against Cotto, it would seem that Sugar Shane should be the next fighter in line to face Manny or Floyd. After all, he did defeat the once thought invincible Margarito. How did Marquez get this fight? Is Mayweather scared of Mosley? Why was his name not even mentioned as a potential for Manny when the HBO crew spoke to him after the Hatton fight? I will tell you why I feel that Sugar Shane is being overlooked.
He's hard to beat and nearly impossible to knockdown, or out. You have to be willing to fight Shane in order to beat him. Only the best have beaten him and for the most part they have been larger, longer fighters (Forrest and Wright) I thought Shane just did not sieze the moment against Cotto and as a result he lost a close decision. The other two fighters imposed their will. I doubt Manny could deal with the boxing skill, intelligence and punching power of Mosley. As good as Manny has looked against his recent opponents, fighters who are quick enough and smart enough an expose his shortcomings(such as Marquez) have given him problems. If Manny could barley beat Marquez, how could he beat Mosley who has great handspeed and even more punching power? I don't think Mayweather would even try to fight Mosley. He would have to dominate Shane short ot stopping him to win. I don't see him doing that.
Please tell me your thoughts
Brandon Lewis

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: Shane Mosley definitely deserves a money fight at this point, there’s no doubt about that. The problem is, Team Pacquiao doesn’t want to go up to 147 to fight him, and Floyd Mayweather would rather fight a smaller man in his first fight back. I think the WAY that Shane beat the breaks off of Margarito was detrimental to his cause, I’m sure visions of that beating have at least something to do with Floyd and Manny going in other directions. Shane’s problem right now is he’s a huge risk for both, and he doesn’t bring as much to the table as either one of those guys would deal with fighting each other, hence Floyd taking the “safe” route against Marquez. In the meantime, I personally feel like Shane’s making a huge mistake by waiting one of these jokers out and trying to persuade them to fight him. The hardcore fans want to see it, but Shane needs the casual fans to push the issue and clamor for a Mosley/Mayweather,Pac match-up, and unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen without him taking another risk in between such as a Paul Williams or Cotto/Clottey winner fight.

Did you catch Doug Fischer’s Massive Mailbag? Just funny how he "hates" but funny how truthful he can be!!! Never know how much truth can come out of something when you don't fight certain people!!! If floyd fought tony, cotto, mosley, and kosta tyzua, he be a legend However, he fought oscar, ricky, jlc, chico and he hasn't accomplished anything. Really gotta look into it!

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: My man Ant! Always a pleasure….Getting to the mailbag, I did indeed skim through it earlier today. You already know Doug’s MO though, so it is what it is. While I feel that Doug can be too hard on Floyd, I tend to understand where he’s going with his rants. Behind the theatrics, he just wants to see Floyd take on the biggest challenge available to him, which is what most people want from Floyd. At the end of the day, I agree with him saying that Mayweather is cheating himself out of greatness, and I’d actually been preaching the same thing in recent weeks. When all is said and done though, I DO believe we will get a Mayweather/Mosley match-up.

Hey Brandon, what do you think of this!
Same move everytime … Right Hook Roll over. (See video)


BRANDON’S RESPONSE: Wow, that’s special! That Ricky Hatton Blooper reel continues to stockpile material. The better question is probably what Ricky Hatton thinks about this today if he’s watched it since.

In all seriousness though, I got the impression, from seeing his prefight interview and ring walk, that Hatton was either intimidated, nervous, or just had no confidence at all come fight night, like something went very wrong that day...He was a completely different fighter against PBF, he didn’t look like he showed up to win this fight for whatever reason, and disturbingly enough, a few of his buddies have said things along those lines.


I have to say that a lot of these people commenting on your mailbag really don’t know what they are talking about. You made a prediction (same one I made), and was wrong. For people to say that you have lost your credibility is absolutely absurd! To be honest you and I pick the same fighter 99% of the time. All these people talking trash are die hard Pacquiao fans and need something to rally on when anyone picks against him.

Everyone needs to realize that Manny Pacquiao is a great fighter who won an impressive match, but against Mayweather (which for some reason everyone forgets was THE pound for pound guy for over a year), Pacquiao would have to pull something drastic to win. We are talking about someone who has better defense, is just as fast, is way more technically sound, and is undefeated. I think Mayweather  wins a clear decision, and the critics are going to immediately try and find something to say bad about Mayweather(probably about not fighting people his own size).

I just want to let you know you are doing a good job, and don’t let these people, who know nothing about boxing, tell you that you have no credibility. One wrong answer on 100 question test means nothing.

Wes L. Parker

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: Wes, I take most of those jokers about as serious as the whole Frank Warren “Journalist” thing. Or better yet, Bob Arum comparing Manny Pacquiao and Muhammad Ali after the fight, but I understand. It was a hell of a KO, these guys got a little excited, were up far past their bedtimes and you see the end result. It’s kind of like drunk dialing.

I like Mayweather over Pacquiao as well, but don’t sleep on Juan Manuel Marquez now! At some point, in order to win, Floyd is going to have to FIGHT Dinimita!

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