The Doghouse Boxing Mailbag: Return of the Mak!!!
By Brandon Estrict, Doghouse Boxing (July 17, 2009)  
This week's mail bag hit tons of topics. From Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Shane Mosley, Paul Williams and plenty more.  Enjoy!

Cotto/Clottey remind all why we love Boxing (June 13). Great article. I totally agree with you, Cotto and Clottey ought to be undefeated due to their suspicious losses.

Keep up the good work
Ray Arocho

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: I won’t go as far to say that they should both be undefeated, although a huge dark cloud of doubt and suspicion has undoubtedly been cast over each man’s fight with Antonio Margarito. The unfortunate truth to the matter is that there is no way to prove anything. It’s almost elementary in Cotto’s case, as we’ve come to find out that no one from Team Cotto went into Margarcheato, excuse me, Margarito’s locker room beforehand to observe his hands being wrapped, but ‘almost elementary’ isn’t quite concrete evidence, pun intended. And the new question, coming out of that Cotto-Clottey fight, is which man should really have the loss on his record?

Hey sweetie! How are you? Hope all is well! Can you believe "I" actually missed this fight? I never miss a fight! LOL,... I know & heard Cotto won, but any details you could give me on it? Only if you have time & if it's no trouble,...? Thanks! =)

~Meli Hernandez

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: What’s good Meli? Hope what you were doing was worth it, the fight pretty much lived up to expectations. A jab that scored a Knockdown, a headbutt that caused a severe laceration, a WWE-esque body slam, some running and at least one laughably wide scorecard. Good fun for all.

Melissa: I'm always studying & home, so it is def weird of me to actually miss a fight! Nah I had a family function to attend & I couldn't get out of it,... THANK YOU sooooooooo much for the re-cap! =)

And although I may be Spanish (Cuban) LOL,... IF,... IF there IS an actual Pacquiao vs Cotto fight,... damn I'd truly have to say my heart is with Pacquiao! LOL Keep me posted sweetie! =)
~Meli ♥

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: Blasphemy! Well, not really, a lot of Mexican fans have adopted Pac so you get a pass this time. Unless of course he wins, then you’re a Front-runner…

Shane Mosley’s next move

To Brandon: Should Shane take a fight at 154 or 160 just to stay busy? He can't wait these guys out. They do not want any! – Precise171

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: Shane should definitely take a fight in the interim, he isn’t getting any younger or sharper and the truth of the matter is he just doesn’t bring as much to the table for these guys at the top but comes with double and triple the risk(or not, if Floyd can manage to avoid him until 2013 and Pac can get him at a catchweight of 137 lbs). Shane doesn’t need to look to 154 or 160 though, he’s got guys like Andre Berto waiting for him and guys like Paul Williams and Kermit Cintron who would be willing to come down to the Welterweight division for the fight. And if all else fails, there’s always Zab Judah!

The Punchline May 2009 (June 3, DHB)

What's good? Nice article! I agree with you 100%. Cotto, Pacquiao, and Mayweather want nothing to do with Mosley. Cotto came up with the excuse that he already beat him (bunch of BS), he knows Mosley will beat him in a rematch (Mosley will probably even stop Cotto if they fought again). Mosley is too big, and strong for Pacquiao (I believe he would beat Pacquiao by TKO), and Mosly is a HUGE RISK for Mayweather. Mayweather will avoid him as much as he can. Mayweather chose Marquez as a tune up, although you, and I both know Marquez is no push over! I believe Mayweather will outbox him, maybe even stop him. Mayweather will beat Pacquiao, and I believe he will do it fairly easy (believe it or not). Mayweather is an unliked fighter by many people, but the guy has great boxing ability, and the only fighter who I believe can beat him today @ 147 is Mosley.
As far as the Hatton blooper video. I believe he came in EXTREMELY OVER CONFIDENT with his his, "nobody will beat me @ 140" attitude. He chased Manny the whole time, tried to impose his strength, and will (with his hands by his chest), and I think he did not think Manny would be so strong, or would be able to hurt him or knock him out at 140. He fought with his heart, and not this his mind. He totally used the wrong game plan against Pacquiao, and did not even execute Mayweather's plan. he should have known better than to stand in front of Pacquiao, and chase him around. He needed to box, and counter punch (with his hands UP).
Take Care,
Ramon Rivera

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: Cotto saying he beat Mosley is “a bunch of BS??” Last I checked, he did ACTUALLY beat Mosley. Yeah, it was a close fight and it’s rematch potential was boosted significantly with Margarito busting Miguel up only to be demolished by Shane, but from what I’d heard it was Shane who didn’t want to make the fight in NY, Cotto’s homecourt, and, well, that was that. I guess there were never any serious talks, but it’s got to bother Shane that Cotto is likely next in-line to fight Pacquiao. How about Mosley-Clottey? Shane apparently thinks Joshua won his fight with Cotto last month, so why not give him the opportunity?

I agree with you on Mayweather for the most part, but I’d like to see how he looks in beating Juan Manuel Marquez before I say he easily beats Manny or that Mosley would be his stiffest test. You never know though, JMM may just land something to aggravate that phantom rib-injury.

Ricky Hatton has, or will never Box and Counterpunch. Not for 12 rounds anyway. He fought a dumb fight and paid for it with a Highlight-Reel KO for all-times, magnified by how big the event was. And not knowing how strong Manny was goes out the window after the first Knockdown. He obviously had something for that Limey Chin, and the fact that Ricky came out for round 2 and tried to fight the same fight makes me think he’s either done as a top fighter, or simply doesn’t know any other way to fight. That Malignaggi win was an aberration in retrospect.

Doghouse Boxing’s Official Top 20 pound-for-pound boxers (June 3, DHB)
Hi Brandon,

I think that Froch should make it into your top 20 pound for pound rankings after his late demolition of Jermain Taylor.

Taylor was at his very best for the fight and I dont buy that he 'tired' at the end of the fight and Froch caught up with him, infact he was firing off combo's in the early part of round 12 before Froch caught him with a huge right hand that sent him reeling, before the end finally came.

Given Taylor matched Hopkins blow for blow for 24 rounds and he is ranked at 4th then i think Froch should be around 15th with Clottey slipping out.

I would also have David Haye much higher on account of being the former undisputed IBF,WBO and WBC, Ring title holder at cruiser and is now heading for his second world title in a second higher division.

Anyway, my two cents.

All the best,

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: David Haye can be “heading” toward his second title for the next five years, wake me up when he gets to the mountain-top. Carl Froch definitely made a strong case for himself with that come from behind win and is somewhere in the top-25, top-30. Let’s be real though, he didn’t outclass Taylor to the point of getting him out of there, or even show superior skill and would not have won that fight if JT could’ve stayed on his feet for 14 more seconds. It all came down to chin and heart, two great and admirable attributes, but skills are a large part of making up your P4P ranking. Skills and accomplishments, and outside of that victory, he’s got no one but an old Robin Reid and Jean Pascal, who hasn’t proven to be a world-beater just yet, on his resume. Froch is going to have to earn his spot amongst the Doghouse Pound-for-Pound elite, but he’s got a golden opportunity in front of him with this SuperMiddleweight Tournament coming up. He’s got a super-talented Andre Dirrell waiting for him, we’ll see what rabbit he can pull out of the hat this time.


Sup Man
Guys Pacman is a good fighter ok, he is hard to fight because of his speed, power and determination as well, but at the end of the day the guy doesn't have all the tools it takes to be the greatest out there. Best Boxing Pugilist dont get exceted easly, so am i, Pacman was wooped twice by Marquez ok, twice i say, he then went on to beat DLH. DLH fought Mayweather, and it was DLH favourite devision guess what, Mayweather showed that he could deal with big boxers. DLH fought Forbes no one said anything about the size, i dont know maybe size count in certain boxers especially great ones like Mayweather.Pacman took out DLH who showed no sting in the fight because of the devision i think, again fans said nothing about the size, Mayweather boxed the undefeated Hatton and stopped him, Pacman stopped him in 2, Cool. Mayweather is a technician guys, Pacman is a determined powerfull small man, science vs nature thats what it is. To fight Pacman it doesn't take speed, the guy have a decent speed, it only takes counter punching with intelligence behind. Boxing lovers have you noticed that the Pacman have no defence, have u noticed he sometimes shoot with closed eyes, have u noticed that once he get cought his defence is to put his hands up on his face and back up straight to the ropes with the false ribs open below his elbows. All i am trying to say is the guy is ok, but  not the best product, he lacks the intelligence, and skills, Robinson had brains, Ali had brains,  Leonard had brains, Whittacker had brains,Mayweather have brains, Mosley can think. Not long ago we thought Tijuan Tornado Magarito (vs Cotto) was the best pure thing we ever saw, he was as simple as the nature, who talks about him now, Lets not get excited boxing is a bit abstract. I love Pacman but quality matters in boxing.
Malibongwe in South Africa 

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: You’re not giving Manny Pacquiao enough credit. No defense? Whooped by Marquez? He isn’t Pernell Whitaker, but he isn’t Ricky Hatton either. And aside from those two early KO-losses, no one has come close to whooping the Pac-Man. His only other loss was to the great Erik Morales and it should tell you something that winning that fight took just about everything Morales had left. And I’m not quite sure where you’re going with Antonio Margarito being “the best pure thing we ever saw.” I get the sarcasm, but the one and only thing he was noted for was having a granite chin, and maybe the workrate. There are absolutely NO parallel’s between he and Pacquiao.

RIP Alexis Arguello

Just found out Alexis Arguello was found dead. Breaks my heart. That first fight with him and Pryor had to be one of the greatest fights I ever seen. Arguello went out on his shield and took a lot of shots. Pryor's career was never the same due to the damage he suffered to his eye from those Arguello shots. If any has any details please let me know! Not much here in the states and articles I do find need translation.

Until the next round...

Ant Lynn

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: Very bad news Ant, truly sad to hear. I won’t even get into what’s been happening since the passing of Alexis just yet because it’s been brutal and heart-breaking. Apparently it was a suicide, but Roberto Duran was quoted, “God forgive me, but I don’t think that man killed himself..” and he seems to speak for the people of Nicaragua. I won’t get into all of that, but it’s kind of weird to hear about a suicide in which a guy took a shot to the chest sitting on his couch I’ll admit. It’s not usually the norm. In any event, God Bless and Rest in Peace Champ, on behalf of Doghouse Boxing.

Wladimir Klitschko’s Top 5 Replacement Options (June 5, DHB)

Chris Arreola???????? – Michael Talbot

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: Honestly Michael, I don’t want to see that fight just yet. I think guys like Arreola and Povetkin may have a shot at Wladimir when they meet up, but they’ve got a looong way to go yet. It’s too early and I’d rather see these guys built up the right way and at their best than see them thrown into the Lion’s Den to early and ruined to the point of no return, ala Calvin Brock, Samuel Peter, or Michael Grant-Lennox Lewis. I really think Fast Eddie Chambers has next with the Klitschko’s, and stands a good chance if he can come into the fight in the kind of shape he was in against Dimitrenko a couple of weeks back. I know he’s lost to Povetkin, but that loss was more on what he didn’t do as opposed to what Povetkin did do, and I believe Chambers to be the more well rounded fighter, and his style may pose some difficulty to Wlad. Possibly a points victory? Not very likely, but you heard it here first.

Why didn't you mention either Povetkin or Dimitrenko? – Corey

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: You know what, I’ve got a better idea. How about Klitschko-Chagaev?! The action won’t really live up to a Heavyweight Title fight(what else is new) but I’ve got Wladimir via 9th Round stoppage as Ruslan and Team will get tired of eating the jab and choose not to come out of the corner to answer the bell for Round 10 as opposed to continuing on when it’s clear he has no answer. And since Vitali has been retired, and he and Wlad would never fight anyway, with Ruslan being ranked number 3 by The Ring, they will award The Ring Heavyweight Championship to Wladimir Klitshcko, ending the long-time vacancy at the top. Mark my words…

Toney “The Tyger” Hanshaw, 21-2-1 (14) on the check-in

Whats up man? Just holdin my head waiting for the next fight everything is good training hard just waiting till next month my promotion contract is up and i'm about to sign with golden boy if evrything go right you no how that is bro! – Tony “The Tyger” Hanshaw

BRANDON’S RESPONSE: Good to hear from you as always Tyger. Hopefully those things fall into place for you, and keep Doghouse Boxing informed of all the latest. We wish you the best Champ!

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