Floyd Mayweather, inside the mind? - By Robert Brown, Doghouse Boxing News

Floyd Mayweather, inside the mind?
By Robert Brown, Doghouse Boxing (March 26, 2013) Doghouse Boxing

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather is one of the most controversial and divisive figures in sport. Some people believe he acts this way to attract attention, whether it be positive or negative, others believe that this behaviour is generated to create the maximum amount of money from PPV revenue. I believe there is merit in both.

However there is a third reason that has not yet been discussed, in my opinion Mayweather despite being at the top of the sport for 15 years establishing himself as a P4P king and signing a history making and record breaking TV deal with SHOWTIME and CBS, Mayweather is a highly insecure individual.

The latest attacks on P4P king and 168lb champion Andre Ward just proved my point, I believe the main reason for the outburst against Ward by Mayweather is not because ward has stated that Mayweather may lose to Robert Guerrero although a statement such as that would bruise Mayweather's fragile ego, I believe the outburst was more as a direct result of Andre Wards recent success particularly his recent destruction of light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson.

Some boxing fans and boxing insiders are weighing up whether Ward is the best fighter in the world and are starting to put Ward ahead of Mayweather on the P4P list which threatens Mayweather's prominence in the boxing world, this is the main reason why he escalated vicious attacks against Ward and is manager and not Wards original statement.

Mayweather is an animal that feeds off attention whether it is good bad or indifferent, more than the belts, more than the undefeated record and perhaps even more than the money, being relevant is the most important thing in Floyd Mayweather's world because if he is not being talked about whether it is good bad or indifferent, in Mayweather's mind he ceases to exist and becomes the most frightening word in Mayweather's world “ordinary”.

Mayweather's constant battle with insecurity is the reason for the outlandish displays of behaviour, such as the racist comments against pacquiao and basketball star Jeremy Lin, as well as Burning money in front of large crowds, and counting money out of shoe boxes on you tube videos, for my mind these are all displays of Floyd Mayweather saying to the world, “I’m Floyd Mayweather don’t forget I exist because I’m better than you, please don’t forget about me”, this screams of an insecure person, which is also why the undefeated record is so important to him, because this will secure him in the debate as possibly one of the greatest of all time fighters and therefor keeping Mayweather relevant.

It remains to be seen how Mayweather will deal with his retirement from boxing and how he will make sure that he will deal with his craving for attention, because in order for Mayweather to have a sense of self-worth he must remain at the forefront of people’s minds.

So the lesson for people who despise Mayweather is this, don’t talk about him and just like everything else he will gradually fade out of existence, but let’s be frank that is not going to happen, is it.

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