John Scully: "Adonis Stevenson is maybe the riskiest fight in the world for Dawson right now!"
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John Scully: "Adonis Stevenson is maybe the riskiest fight in the world for Dawson right now!"
By Robert Brown, Doghouse Boxing (June 5, 2013)

John Scully
John Scully
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John Scully is a renowned boxing trainer, 2 time world title challenger, analyst and boxing commentator, he most recently trained light-heavyweight champion Chad Dawson in his epic battle with Andre Ward. In this interview he talks about recent fights just completed and the ramifications of the results. Scully also gives his thoughts on some upcoming bouts and discusses his own future plans and projects.  Here is what Iceman John Scully had to say.

Robert Brown: What are your thoughts on the recent Froch/Kessler 2 bout and where each fighter should go from here?

John Scully: We just saw another very good fight between those two. A third fight between them would be a sure fire sell, I think, but at the same time I would think Carl is really looking to get that rematch with Andre Ward. He really seems to believe he can win it this time and he certainly is as worthy a challenger as Andre has right now.

Robert Brown: The Chad Dawson vs. Stevenson fight is this weekend. Do you think this is a risky fight for Chad and do you think we will see focused Chad Dawson?

John Scully: Adonis is maybe the riskiest fight in the world out there for Chad right now. His power is second to none and I say that not just because of seeing his fights but I really base it on Manny Steward telling me this in a conversation we had in Atlantic City last year. He was just so high on Adonis and it was all based on his freakish power. You know Manny has always loved the punchers and when he talked about Adonis he was just so into it. He said that he has never seen anything like it, that anywhere on his sparring partners bodies that he hits them, they feel it for several days afterwards.

Chad always had the skills to win a fight like this, though. He just needs the mental strength and focus to carry it out. We'll see on the 8th, I guess.

Robert Brown: America is desperate for a contending heavyweight.  Give us your thoughts on Johnthan Banks, Seth Mitchell and Deonte Wilder. Do you think any of them can pose a serious threat to the Klitschko brothers reign?

John Scully: Personally, I haven't seen any reason to believe anyone in the world can defeat either brother right now but here's the thing I find interesting. For me, it's not about the titles; it's about seeing the best fights. I would rather watch Wilder and Adamak or Mitchell and Banks again in 10 round non-title fights. I don't care if a title is on the line anymore; I'd just be interested in the match up. Like Ron Lyle and George Foreman back in 1976, nobody on earth watches that classic war now and even for a split second thinks to themselves, "Too bad this wasn't for the title."
Robert Brown: Given the TV networks are now involved in the promoter cold war do you see any sign of this ending and how much damage will be done to the sport as a result?

John Scully: I think it is another case of business and politics staining and ruining our sport. It's a tangled web that no one can untangle.

Robert Brown: Controversial decisions and scoring continue to plague our sport, give us some of your thoughts on how to begin to remedy this issue?

John Scully: I know for 100% fact that the qualifications needed in some states to become a professional boxing judge are literally a joke. I know that becoming one is not difficult at all and I have personally seen men become judges who had no business becoming one. They didn't have to go through any real and legitimate type of process to become one. I also think that the format, the setup, at fights is a legit problem. Everyone knows that the worst seat to really view a fight and to take it all in is in the front row. I never sit in the front row. Ten rows back and elevated a bit is a thousand times better seat. Watching a fight from the ring apron where the judges sit and watching from around ten rows back where some lucky fans sit is like watching two different fights. In a perfect world they would have three elevated and sound proof booths around the ring for the judges to sit in and do their jobs from. Have an inspector sit with them quietly and allow them to focus on the fight and not on the possibly fight influencing comments of the pro blue corner guys sitting five feet behind him.
Robert Brown: What do you think of the Manny Pacquiao- Brandon Rios fight that is set to happen in November? And how dangerous you think this fight is for Manny?

John Scully: I give Manny big credit for coming back against such a live and dangerous opponent. It’s similar to Stevenson-Dawson. It's a fight that will severely test and decide how much that guy coming off the terrible loss has left.
Robert Brown: How competitive can Canelo Alvarez  be against Floyd Mayweather Jr?

John Scully: I believe Canelo will have about as much trouble as all the others have had. The speed and elusiveness of Floyd is the antidote to most styles in the world

Robert Brown: Assuming Adrien Broner gets past Paulie Malignaggi, what do you see happening for him and which weight class should he base himself at?
 John Scully: I wouldn't assume that just yet, Paulie is a live underdog, but if Broner wins? Imagine him and Pacman? Him and Marquez? Him and Lucas Matthysse?? Boxing will thrive with him if he is really as good as he says he is.
Robert Brown: Based on recent performances, how long has Sergio Martinez got left?

John Scully: Never can tell. But I suspect that he might be at the point in his career where motivation could be a factor. He probably wishes and needs a Leonard, a Hearns, a Hagler or a Duran to bring the best out of him physically and emotionally. He’s in the wrong era I'd say and that could be a cause for lack of desire. Just speculating.
Robert Brown: Tell us about the prospects in your stable and your future plans?

John Scully: I am currently working with a very promising kid named Javier "Chino" Flores, a 9-0 with 8 knockouts welterweight. Great kid, very hungry. Hoping to hook him up with someone big to move his career.

The big thing, though, and I'll have more details in the near future for everyone, but I am working on something big for former champ Gerald McClellan and his primary care giver, his sister Lisa. I'm actively working on an event that the boxing world can really get behind. Something for the fans, for a select group of boxers and for Lisa and Gerald. I'll definitely be in touch about that.

Robert Brown: Could you please expand on your plans to help Gerald McClellan?

John Scully: I have a plan in place to run an amateur boxing event this summer to raise money to help Gerald and his family out. His sister Lisa has basically devoted her life to giving her brother the care he needs and I want to bring awareness to that and try and help her in some way. I'm working on the details as we speak.

I wish John Scully luck in both his future plans as a boxing trainer and his plans to help former 2 time world champion Gerald McClellan through his own battle. As always it has been a pleasure have this discussion with someone of Iceman’s integrity and I wish him luck in his future endeavors.

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