Malik Scott steps into The Doghouse - Exclusive Interview
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Malik Scott steps into The Doghouse - Exclusive Interview
By Robert Brown, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 5, 2013)

Malik Scott
Malik Scott
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In this exclusive interview, Doghouse Boxing's very own Robert Brown catches up with with Malik ‘King’ Scott, in which he discusses a variety of subjects which include his recent controversial loss against Dereck Chisora, the reasons behind his almost four year layoff his future plans and more.

Robert Brown: Malik you had a record of 34-0 before a 4 year absence from the ring, could you perhaps explain to our readers the reason behind that absence?

Malik Scott: I just had a couple severe injuries and at the same time was having roller coaster ride with different managers and promoters. But it was what it was and I have learned off of every experience I went through during them times and wouldn't trade them in for the world.

Robert Brown: Explain some of the driving forces behind your return to the ring after such an extended lay-off?

Malik Scott: Well it’s been a different dedication to the sport from my behalf and I was fortunate enough to hook up with one of the best guys in boxing who is my manager as well, Marcus Coates. So we have been going hard together with a nonstop work rate.

Robert Brown: How did you first get involved in the sport of boxing and what made you decide to turn pro ?

Malik Scott: Well I grew up in north Philly and was always fighting and boxing in the streets just for recreation, so one day my uncle took me to gym and I never looked back since then, and I was 12 yrs old at that time so I’ve been doing this basically all my life.

Robert Brown: For the benefit of our readers, tell us where your nickname “King” Scott came from?

Malik Scott: Well the name "Malik" is an Islamic name which means “king” so when I was coming up in the amateur ranks, the great trainer who I’m sure you’re familiar with, Brother Naazim Richardson who also trains Bernard Hopkins, he would be yelling to me while I was fighting "Malik means King." So from there on the “King” is what it has been.

Robert Brown: Malik, let's talk about your most recent bout against Dereck Chisora and the controversial ending. Regardless of the accuracy of the referees’ count, were you fully aware of your surroundings? And if so, why the decision to wait so long in the count to get up, do you believe you made an error in that regard?

Malik Scott: No one is perfect but the referee really pulled a screw job on me. I got hit with a good shot behind the ear while rolling with a shot, so the shot put me down. Now while I’m down, I’m aware of my surroundings, I look at my corner to let them know I was all good. Got my shit together and beat the count and then fight was called off. Horrible decision by the referee, I hope he learned from that because it was a very senseless move on his part.

Robert Brown: In your mind did the home town factor for Dereck Chisora play any part in the events that unfolded?

Malik Scott: Ummmm…I don’t know about all of that shit, I’m a man of no excuses. It was a great fight, the fight was actually starting to warm up and the ref called a bad call, period.

Robert Brown: This fight against Dereck Chisora could have put you in a position for a future world title shot. Given the controversial circumstances surrounding the stoppage, added to the fact you were most likely ahead, does this combine the frustration for you? Also taking into account the extended time out of the ring?

Malik Scott: Lil frustration but I believe in my ability and I know this experience is another chapter in my book of greatness. I will be back in no time.

Robert Brown: If given the opportunity, how do you think you would fair against the Klitschko brothers? What do you identify as your strengths and weaknesses and what do you think would be your advantages against them?

Malik Scott: A couple of adjustments I would have to make and I have just as good a chance at beating them than anybody else in the heavyweight division.

Robert Brown: Now the protest was unsuccessful, what are your options going forward?

Malik Scott: Trying to get back in the ring ASAP. There are rumours of a me and David Price fight going around, if so, I’m willing, ready and always able, let’s do it baby!!!

Robert Brown: Would you like a rematch with Chisora again to avenge this loss and would you take it in England again or only in the US?

Malik Scott: Of course, Chisora told me personally he would give me a rematch but it could have been victory talk so we will see, but I would love that in the UK.

Robert Brown: Going into the final stages, most people had you ahead if you had reached your feet in time, did you have your legs? Do you think you could have recovered from the knock-down and gone on to win the bout?

Malik Scott: I was winning the fight and I was going to win the fight. When I got up I had my legs and was ready to go, bad call from a so called experienced referee.

Robert Brown: Is there any message you would like to give to the fans who continue to support you?

Malik Scott: Thank you all for not only supporting me but supporting this sport that I love so much. As far as me, I’m still the best skilled heavyweight in the world and my best has yet to come, SOLIDEEN!!!

I’d like to thank Malik Scott for his time given towards this interview and I wish him luck in all of his future endeavours.

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