Ganoy aiming for Vazquez and IBF glory
By Nathan Butler (July 5, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Ranee Ganoy
Recently I caught up with Sydney’s ‘Pinoy’ powerhouse, the explosive punching Ranee ‘The KO Kid’ Ganoy who’s training hard for his return to the ring this month in Melbourne, Australia on July 22nd and is on the charge for a crack at IBF 135lbs Lightweight king – Miguel Vazquez.

Ganoy, (31 (27) / 11 (6) / 2) is a top class fighter who boasts victories on his resume over the likes of former IBF 130lbs world champion, Robbie ‘The Bomber’ Peden and recently signed on with new management under Mike Altamura of MJA Boxing. Ganoy spoke of his training under the astute Graham Shaw, his signing with Altamura and the focus to want to fight Australia’s best such as Lenny Zappavigna and Michael Katisidis whilst on the charge towards a crack at the champion Vasquez and his IBF crown.

NB: G’day there Ranee, many thanks for taking the time to sit down and chat.

No problems at all boss, thank you for the opportunity.

NB: Recently Ranee you announced your signing with Mike Altamura of MJA Boxing in an exciting move for your career. Mike really has established himself as a top manager with the likes of Paul Fleming and Daniel Dawson in Australia, as well as a host of international fighters based overseas. You really must be excited at the opportunities that will open up for you?

This is so good for me and my career. Mike has been as good as his word from when we first spoke. We talked through things and he said that there would be some fantastic opportunities for me if I wanted to work hard and work together. He told me he would pick up a sponsor or two to help with training expenses and the like and he has already honoured that commitment. I aim to repay Mike’s belief in me.

Mike has good contacts overseas with the big promoters like Top Rank and he has already had confirmation from the IBF champion Miguel Vazquez’s team that they are willing to give me a shot at Vazquez in the future. I am so excited by this, but first, I’ll just fight whoever Mike organises for me to get back in the ring, win and get myself back into the ratings and in the position to challenge.

NB: That’s fantastic news Ranee. IBF champion Vazquez is a classy customer and is a great IBF champion. His only losses are to top fighters such as Saul Alvarez and Tim Bradley, world champions in their own right so his credentials are top draw. Vazquez is well known to Australian fight fans for defeating the well performed Lenny Zappavigna earlier this year in a challenge for the title, you obviously see your power and skills above Zappavigna’s and being able to stop Vazquez?

I do boss. If I hit Vasquez, I will KO him. As you said, he beat Lenny convincingly but I won’t miss my opportunity.

NB: Before a shot at Vasquez, does a fight with Lenny Zappavigna interest you? Australian fight fans would salivate at the prospect of such a bout I would think?

I would fight Lenny Zapp anytime! His team has been offered this fight in the past, but they never accepted. I will fight Lenny anywhere, anytime.

NB: That’s the spirit Ranee, that’s what fans love about fighters such as yourself, willing to just put it all on the line.

I’m serious boss, I’ll fight anyone in Australia at 135lbs. If Lenny wants’ it, he can have it. Michael Katsidis, I want to fight him again so bad. I was badly judged against Katsidis on a fight with no preparation time when we fought early in my career. He is back in Australia now and if he, or more importantly the fans wants a great fight, I will give him one. If I get to Vasquez first and win the IBF world title, I will give both boys the shot to take it from me but I warn them both now, I will stop them both, end of the story.

NB: Exciting stuff Ranee, some big fights there for boxing fans if they could be made! First things first though, you must be excited at having a nice return fight against the internationally performed Sapapetch Sor Sakaorat, 23 (13) / 8 (7) / 0 and slated for 8rd’s of action coming up on the Ellis Boxing Enterprises card on July 22nd? Obviously Mike and your trainer Graham Shaw are wanting to shake off any ring rust and then in a fight or two’s time, look for an IBF regional opportunity to improve your rating?

Yes boss for sure. As I said earlier, Mike organises the fights and I have faith in him. I have the same faith in Graham Shaw and when I signed to Mike, he was really happy for me to stay training under Graham as he knew I felt very comfortable with him. Graham is very calm, talks to you quietly and to the point which I like. Graham’s quality training shows in the likes of Daniel Geale and how his career has improved and become a world champion. Since I've been with him I have had six fights for as many victories and I want that to continue.

I know Mike is already looking at two more quick bouts for me following this July fight so I just want to fight, win and get myself into the Top 15 again. I’ll earn my shot and I want to win that IBF world title! I can’t wait to fight and get it on boss! (As Ranee say’s this, he’s shadow boxing in his seat!)

NB: Well Ranee, I’m sure I speak for Australian fight fans when saying that we’re right behind you mate. You’ve got a great attitude and deserve every success. You mentioned earlier some sponsors that Mike helped introduce to support your career also, do you wish to give them a shout?

Yes thank you Nathan and I appreciate yours and everyone’s support. I just want to give the fans the fights they want to see, plus I want to knock out my opponents. Obviously my opponents want to try and knock me out and at the end, we have respect for one another after we fight. To my sponsors, yes a big thanks for coming on board and helping me – Lonsdale, the leader in boxing gear and clothing have really showed big support and also the team at Heritage Financial Solutions who specialise in financial investments have pledged sponsorship towards my training. Together we are going to win a world title!

NB: Well I must say ‘salamat’ (thanks in Filipino) once again for your time Ranee, we wish you all the best for the future.

Hahaha... Thank you boss and salamat to everyone.

As a footnote to Ranee’s comment’s, I spoke with Mike Altamura of MJA Boxing and got his thoughts to Ranee’s ambitions and Mike spoke in high praise of his newest charge.

NB: Mike, thanks for speaking with me, you must be excited at hearing Ranee’s positive vibe for his upcoming fight.

I am Nathan and thank you for the opportunity of profiling Ranee. This is the perfect return for him and the 8rd’s of action will do him the world of good to shake off any ring-rust being out of the ring since last October, but more importantly however, slide him in nicely fitness and timing wise for what could be a big couple of opportunities following.

The right people I’ve spoken with in America are making the right noise about matching Ranee in for a title shot and Sakaorat is the ideal opponent for us right now. Sakaorat is internationally performed and has fought some quality opposition and I expect him to give Ranee a strong fight. He tallies 23 victories next to his name and you have to have quality about you having that many victories. In saying that, I’m expecting Ranee’s KO power to come to the fore in a great fight for the promoters and the fans.

NB: I agree with you Mike. Ranee’s power is well noted (27 KO’s in 31 victories) and he has looked impressive in his last 5-6 fights, so I think it’s fair to say this bout will do him the world of good and will only bring him on more for the better class bouts you’re looking at.

Not only Vazquez being on the radar, I loved Ranee’s enthusiasm for a return shot at Michael Katsidis and he practically jumped out of his seat when speaking to me. You could see he was itching for that fight and to be frank, that really is an ‘all or nothing’ bout from both boys with the type of power they bring to the ring?

Ranee’s an all-action fighter to watch with his powerful physique, the pig tail hair style, the big grin and most importantly, genuine KO power in both hands which the Melbourne fans will get to see on July 22nd. I chuckle at your comments because Ranee’s been at me from day one when we spoke wanting a return shot at Katsidis. Should Michael’s people want an action fight, we’re more than welcome it. Mike’s a great warrior and he also has a pending return to the ring in Australia for August which is great for the Australian fans, maybe the two parties can meet after that and give the fans an all-action tear-up!

I know Ranee feels he was unjustly judged in their first fight and would fight Michael tomorrow if the fight could be made. Australia has some great 135lbs fighters right now and Lenny Zappavigna is another who if his team want a great fight, Team Ganoy will happily accommodate.

NB: Ranee speaks highly of signing on with MJA Boxing, you must be pleased to see such enthusiasm from him?

That pleases me no end Nathan. Ranee is a great young man and I genuinely say this, it’s a pleasure to manage him. Ranee has achieved some great things in his career thus far on what to be fair has been mixed support. I have no doubt with the support we have for him now; we can really help Ranee fulfil the potential his talents have shown at varying times. It’s just an excitement feel that he gives me and the team and we’re glad to be a part of helping him achieve bigger things.

NB: A big thanks Mike for your time and best of luck with the future for Ranee, I have no doubt we’ll be seeing some big, positive steps for ‘The KO Kid’!

Cheers Nathan and again, thanks for profiling Ranee. I hope the fans really get behind him because he’s the type of fighter we all love, they leave it in the ring every time.

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