Danny McIntosh successfully defends title againt Matthew Barney
By Daniel Cann at ringside (Feb 28, 2009) DoghouseBoxing.com  
Royal Norfolk Showground, Norwich - In a sometimes maddeningly frustrating spectacle Danny McIntosh successfully defended his English Light-Heavyweight Title against veteran former British and WBU World Champion Matthew Barney.

Before the opening bell both men looked confident as they bounced up and down in their respective corners. At the bell McIntosh landed a double right hand to the back of Barney’s head and received a warning from referee Richie Davies (it was the first of several warnings the no-nonsense ref would have to issue to both men). McIntosh reverted to jabbing and Barney, holding his left low used spoiling tactics. Every time McIntosh came in close Barney held and smothered his man in an attempt to frustrate his opponent. As the fight wore on Barney managed to frustrate everyone! Referee Davies took time out to tick off both men warning them to keep it clean. Moments later they fell into yet another untidy clinch. It was an untidy start to the contest. At the bell McIntosh smiled at his opponent as if to say ‘You won’t succeed in winding me up tonight.’

The second saw the defending champion again utilising his jab and looking busy. Barney looked to counter as McIntosh came in. He nearly detonated a big right hand on the champion’s jaw but just fell short. With only six inside the distance wins on his resume it looked unlikely that Barney would have the power to trouble his younger opponent.

McIntosh did look rather open and his chin was held high, with a more concussive puncher in with him he could have been playing a dangerous game of Russian roulette. Referee had to warn Barney over his persistent holding and spoiling. McIntosh double jabbed and landed a decent right too.

Towards the end of the second Davies brought them both together to warn them that if they did not tidy up their work he would throw them both out! Both were guilty of hitting each other on the back of the head. It was a messy round but I scored it for McIntosh who at least was showing a willingness to engage in hostilities.

The third opened with McIntosh jabbing and going forward with Barney again content to hit and hold. McIntosh got caught with a decent straight left as he came inside, a shot that sent his head back. Not long after there was more wrestling and mauling. Barney was still fighting negatively, trying to frustrate the younger man. The referee finally out of patience took a point off the man from Southampton after Barney threw a punch to the back of McIntosh’s head. Poor Davies was kept very busy thanks to the antics of Barney.

In the fourth Barney was caught early by a decent left and was being backed up into corners. Barney was offering hardly anything in return other than an ability to tie his man up and to spoil. McIntosh had full control of the ring centre and kept his cool. Davies brought them both together for another talk. The round ended with McIntosh sending Barney into the ropes under fire.

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