Matthew Macklin overwhelms Wayne Elcock
By Daniel Cann at ringside (Mar 14, 2009)  
Aston Arena, Birmingham 14 March 2009 - In an eagerly anticipated match for the British Middleweight title dubbed ‘the Battle of Brum’ Champion Wayne Elcock (19-3 9 KOs) faced local rival Matthew Macklin (23-2 16 KOs). It did not fail to disappoint as it delivered plenty of tension, competitiveness and dynamite.

The first round began with the defending champion jabbing and the nine years younger challenger stalking. Macklin landed a decent left hook. In one clinch Macklin showcased his superior strength as he spun Elcock around. This spurred the champion into action and he let both hands go before they fell into a clinch.

Macklin landed a decent right uppercut on the inside, his timing was impressive. This first round was certainly not a ‘feeling out’ session as both men unleashed the heavy artillery. They kept their hands high, circling each other warily. Elcock drilled Macklin with a decent jab and later in the round landed a decent combination of a double jab followed by a sharp right. As Elcock picked Macklin off to close the round, the challenger smiled as if in acknowledgement of the champion’s good work, or perhaps knowing something that we didn’t.

In the interval Joe Gallagher, Macklin’s trainer urged him on reminding him he was the younger stronger man. The pep talk seemed to work as Macklin steamed out of his corner looking to slip the jabs coming his way and work on the inside. Elcock’s defence had tightened up and he tucked his chin in, he had already felt the power of the challenger. Macklin caught Elcock with a lovely left hook counter and again later with a left jab to the body. What was noticeable was Macklin was all controlled aggression. He showed patience and looked for openings.

At around the two minute mark of the round Macklin began a good attack as he landed decent combinations to the champion’s head. He tried to land an uppercut but found thin air. He did not miss with a right hook to close the round however. One thing was certain, Macklin was warming up and finding his range at last.

Between rounds Elcock’s corner worked on damage around his right eye. At the start of the third Macklin showed a jab as he looked for openings. A fantastic overhand right detonated behind Elcock’s ear which badly staggered him. A furious flurry of punches landed on Elcock’s jaw before finally a left hook sent him to the canvas for a count of six. Elcock bravely got to his feet and took the referee’s full eight count. Macklin was all over him when the action resumed. It was like a man being overwhelmed by an unstoppable tsunami as Macklin swarmed in. Another powerful left had Elcock staggering and lurching against the ropes. Referee Victor Loughlin had seen enough and wisely stepped in with Elcock looking badly dazed and unable to defend himself. The time was 59 seconds of the round. Macklin has arrived.

It was a stunning win for Macklin. I had this one down as a 50-50 fight beforehand and saw a scenario where Elcock used his skills to outbox the rugged Macklin. But on the night Macklin was a revelation. He looked composed and patient and showed sustained, controlled, accurate aggression throughout. He simply overwhelmed Elcock and can now look forward to bigger things.

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