Tyson Fury defeats Scott Belshaw
By Daniel Cann at ringside (May 23, 2009) DoghouseBoxing.com  
The Tyson Fury road show continued as the 20 year old outspoken prospect showed maturity, professionalism and great sportsmanship in dispatching brave but limited opponent Scott Belshaw in two one-sided rounds.

For once Fury was facing in Belshaw an opponent who could look him in the eye as both stood six feet seven. Fury resplendent in white trunks that incorporated the Union flag and the Irish Tricolour looked sharp and lean. Belshaw with shaven skull and black trunks was happy to play the bad guy here to upset the party.

The scheduled eight rounder began with Fury jabbing and moving, circling his rangy looking opponent and picking him off with accuracy and ease. A good left hook from Fury landed off the jab. Belshaw swung a wild telegraphed right, which Fury avoided with ease. Belshaw despite being the more experienced looked pensive and wary, his gloves held high.

Fury landed a decent right and a stiff hurtful looking left jab that went right through his opponent’s guard. Belshaw’s nose was already bleeding freely courtesy of the attentions of Fury’s jab. Fury caught the rigid Belshaw with another perfectly timed right hand and heartened by his early success tried a right uppercut on the inside, which just missed. Belshaw looked very amateurish as he swung clumsy looking rights back in retaliation. He was bravely soaking up the punishment and trying to hit back, but he looked out of his depth.

Suddenly Fury unleashed a cracking left hook to the body and Belshaw dropped heavily clearly distressed. He got up at about four or five only to find himself on the canvas again by another painful body blow. The bell saved him and he returned unsteadily to his corner having already felt Fury’s power.

The second began with Fury holding his right glove high against his cheek and popping out a fast jab. Again Belshaw looked almost like a novice at times as he threw desperately wild swings that would not look out of place in a Western bar room brawl. Unfortunately for the man fighting out of Lisburn this was pro boxing and his work was woefully inept. His swinging attacks left him wide open and another devastating, crunching left hook to Belshaw’s floating rib had him doubled over clearly sickened. Fury would have been perfectly within his rights to continue attacking (protect yourself at all times!) but he showed class and compassion as he stood off and allowed the referee to step between them and stop the one-sided contest.

So what did this prove? Fury is clearly a classy heavyweight with a lot going for him. He has so much potential. Belshaw was brave but crude and disappointingly limited. If Fury is to learn he will need to face tougher opposition than this.

It won’t be long though before he is facing the likes of Derek Chisora, Sam Sexton and John McDermott. But he needs a little more seasoning first.

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