HARD DOG BITES: Adrien Broner, Tim Bradley, Gennady Golovkin, Paulie Malignaggi, Chris Arreola and others...
---Dog House Boxing News 24/7 - Floyd Mayweather Jr.
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HARD DOG BITES: Adrien Broner, Tim Bradley, Gennady Golovkin, Paulie Malignaggi, Chris Arreola and others...
By Blake Chavez, Doghouse Boxing (July 16, 2015)

Hard Dog Bites
Hard Dog Bites
Requiem for a Welterweight: Bradley & Last Exit: Brooklyn Paulie

Time to retire Tim Bradley. He built a terrific record, dominated the junior welter division, did quite well as a welterweight, and took on a laundry list of big names, whilst only suffering one official defeat. But I think his record is the softest of all the big-name welters in his era. Just how much more punishment can the guy realistically take? Sure, he still has that massive "Tom & Jerry" cartoon-sized head, but along with the head-butts he's delivered, Tim has absorbed some bazooka shots. To his credit, he has soldiered-on when lesser men would have folded, but he's been thumped on more than enough. His body-builder physique belies the lack of power his record plainly divulges. No power and he's entertaining going up in weight class. Bad move. When he's been hurt, he gets the scary wobbles bad.

"Back-up-the-entire-bout" Vargas left Bradley's face looking like a melted wax figure at a horror-museum. Provodnikov likely ruined Tim, and ran off two-piece and a biscuit sets at will on him. The Bradley we've seen after the Provodnikov fight is definitely not improving, but rather appears on the decline. The won-lost record is glittering, but it just might be a double-edged sword, and the warrior Tim has proven to be is willing to fall on his sword and go out on his shield if need be. I love Timothy Bradley's tenacity and family values; he's a good man.

And Tim did beat an ancient little fella named Marquez who moved like "The Mummy", but nobody threw Bradley a parade for that performance. A more robust Diego Chavez then knuckled and butted Bradley's nugget up pretty good, and stole a draw on the cards.

I believe Bradley is being misled and mismanaged. Arum is running Bradley like a hoe on Figueroa, and Bradley appears to be loving it! Yup, it appears Arum has Tim on the hoe-stroll, as Arum banged the drum last week for a Bradley vs GGG fight. GGG? Lord have mercy. But the strange thing is that Bradley apparently loves to be treated in that fashion. He gets punked, then hustles back to the end of the line hoping to get served again, campaigning for big fights in heavier divisions. Stop the madness!

Bradley's trainer, Joel Diaz is also loving his own trainer checks a little too much and would doubtless volunteer Bradley to fight King Kong as long as Diaz got his cut. And Bradley's wife is loving it too. The wife, Monica, who acts as Bradley's manager, appears devoted to her man, but let's address the elephant in the Bradley-Arum room. I'll be blunt: Mrs. Bradley couldn't manage a hot dog stand, much less what Arum pitches as an elite, multiple world title winning champion, though I actually believe Tim to be closer to trial-horse status than elite nowadays, despite his glossy record.

Bob Arum probably has to bite his lip to keep a straight face when "negotiating" purses for Bradley with Monica. Uneducated is one thing. Hey, not everyone can go to Harvard, but how street-stupid can Tim Bradley be? The poor guy is literally fighting his heart out every bout for questionable money. The purses qualify as questionable based on the mere fact that Tim and Monica don't know a damned thing about high finance, ancillary pay-per-view revenue streams, tax deferrals, and other fight business models, nor can they astutely decipher complicated multiple page bout agreements and sophisticated promotional contracts. Arum has never been mistaken for Santa Claus, so can you imagine how deep he's going on those two? I can just see Tim at home after a negotiating session where they both just lost their underpants to Arum and Tim telling his wife, "Terrific job, Honey." And Monica just smiles and nods vacantly, not knowing if she just bought a hog, signed a grocery list, or paid for the upcoming training camps of Top Rank's next three promotions.

Tim, take a week off in the Bahamas-- by yourself, and think things through. If you must, talk to yourself about beating up Broner, or slapping Paulie around at Barclays-- the usual stuff Haymon won't let you in on, then maybe consider doing a tango with somebody like Algieri or Mikey Garcia... if he ever smells the coffee and gets back in the ring before he's thirty. Don't count on Garcia, he's dumb as hell and actually thinks he's going to trial against Arum and will win. I wonder if he still looks under his pillow for change after losing a tooth? Garcia can still bank some good dough in his career, don't blow it kid.

But if you ever do find yourself in the ring with Cotto, Canelo, or God-forbid-it-ever-happens, GGG? Divorce your wife, fire your trainer, kick Arum in the tailpipe, and check yourself in to the nearest state mental health facility. And tell your Pops, "Thanks a lot for looking out for me."

Paulie want-a-cracker Malignaggi has been talking out of the side of his neck lately; absolute madness. Caught a video of Paulie making a clown of himself. That's a dirty rotten shame as the two-time champ was carving out a potent niche as a straight arrow voice on many boxing-related topics, sort of a mini Teddy Atlas. But I'm putting him on blast for falling in love... with himself!

Caught on UTUBE:

Paulie was acting like a virgin in the honeymoon suite on her wedding night. He was trying to act coy and played cherry regarding his purse for the upcoming Danny Garcia fight. A figure of $300k was floated and Paulie damned-near blushed! He was soooo proud of that purse that he started bragging on his jewelry and carrying on about a bracelet he owned, but wasn't even wearing at the time. It was kind of sad. C'mon Paulie, you're small potatoes in the jewelry department of boxing. Tip: widen your social circle Paulie, your buddies are all up on dem nuttz and you're starting to feed into the pats on the back and crew worship. It's not a good look for you. You're dropping sound-bites,then looking around and waiting for the fawning, canned laughter from your acolytes and riders. Say it aint so Paulie. You're better than that. Hold onto your dignity. When that leaves, nothing remains.

Paulie posits that Mayweather has gone up five or six weight classes, so he suggests making GGG go up just one class to 168 and have him fight Andre Ward. Learn to count Paulie. First of all, who anointed this self-appointed, self-important mediocre welterweight America's matchmaker? His head is "on swoll" as they say on the street. Secondly, Floyd only went up four classes-130-154 and usually fights at 147, a three class jump from his start at super-feather. And he grew into 147 over an 18 year stretch (154 for Oscar, Canelo, and Cotto were exceptions).

And though Andre is a helluva fighter that I favor to school GGG, the money just does not follow SOG Ward. And besides Andre laying rotten eggs at the box-office, he's actually a big super-middle who I project will clean out the light-heavy division with ease. Kovalev won't touch Andre, much less krush him. Andre eats big slow white guys for breakfast. Connect-the-dots, nobody on the planet beats Andre Ward.

Besides, GGG is willing to go to 154, so why all the moaning? Oscar, Canelo, and Cotto all blew-up after their Floyd weigh-in, and that was never an issue. But now the crying from Paulie starts when a hard man offers to fight in a class that Floyd has entertained opponents in no less than three times already.

Listen, a man is a man is a man. If GGG weighs in at a contracted weight of 152, 153, or 154... on the day of the fight, say at noon--why wouldn't TBE not get down with him? Have the weigh-in the morning of the fight to keep the fight-time weights closer. GGG can't eat an entire horse on the day he has to perform (maybe a small calf). I won't say Floyd's afraid that GGG would break his spirit, his nose, and his unbeaten streak because Floyd fears no man, period. GGG vs Floyd -- both at no more than 154 at noon on day of fight is an interesting proposition, but Floyd doesn't need GGG. Do whatever you wish Champ... you've earned it. Besides, the media will make it a black vs white thing and Floyd doesn't need that at this point in his career.

Paulie, you were a brave man in the ring with a prime monster named Cotto, and you owned The Baby Bull Diaz. I tip my hat, you've made a very nice career. But respect the fans. Quit shitting on them in interviews as ignorant. Give everyone a reason to keep liking you. We know you're chasing a PacMan fight, but it aint gonna happen, Captain!

From The Peanut Gallery: Mister Gary Russell's jab is crazy-quick, but most of the time it only snakes out less than a foot with that baby T-Rex reach of his. Most over-rated jab in the business.

I predict that Adrien Broner will weigh more than his big-gut daddy does before he's forty. Pops is thick with grub, and Adrian got the same genes. I'd hate to see those two ahead of me at the buffet line. Somebody could lose a finger if chicken wings are on the menu. It's a good thing Broner has Daddy to brush his hair because if Adrien keeps eating like a pig he's not going to be able to lift his fat arms and comb it himself. But I still see Broner as a marvelous talent and capable of easily destroying Danny not-so-swift-Garcia.

Ref Tony Weeks. Grow a set. Call some holding fouls. People paying good money to see those elite fighters fight. Ref Kenny Bayless: quit making serious-looking faces like you are just about to call a foul. Great acting, but the act growing waaaay stale. Guys... we are watching you. Clean up your acts. We know, if you come on too strong, you may not get the next plum assignment, so what to do? Just use integrity and things will always work out.

Terrance Crawford. Very, very, nice fighter, but no world-beater, certainly not a FOY. Stay in your lane, those welterweights will eat your lunch. Plenty of time to grow as the field wears themselves down fighting each other. In the meantime, please quit trying to be Hagler, either fight orthodox or southpaw. That is going to cost you dearly one day. Fight at your absolute best suited style, or one day suffer the fate Hagler did relying too long on his weak-side and losing a close decision to Ray Leonard. In the end, who does that switching really impress, Jim Lampley and maybe your girlfriend? Hardly worth it.

Chris Arreola. Not a waste of talent, he's actually over-achieved. He showed a lot of heart and gave the fans some decent action fights. He gave what he had, which just wasn't all that much. He would rather drink beer and stuff his big face than train. He says, "That's just the way I am. I don't like to listen to nobody." Fair enough, straight talk, tell it like it is. The thing is, Arreola let his wife and kids down. If he was single, great, go wild and be ignorant.

But when you place your family in a position of believing in you and counting on you to earn the maximum amount of money possible for the security of their future-- and your career choice is notorious for being a typically short career that can end tomorrow, and then you don't have the cojones to man-up and do the right thing? That's a horse of a different color altogether, and a commitment that requires a real set of nutz, not just the 'I can take a punch' variety of nutz. It's called being a real man.

Arreola has always lied and cried and carried on about now he's "getting serious". The only thing he's getting serious about is his next plato of enchiladas and the next keg of beer. He's just not cut out to be a champion, which is OK, not everyone can be at the top. But the cold, hard truth is he didn't even belong in the same ring with Vlad. He got punked to the gills, and then sweet Jesus, the crying started, mocos and all. Chris was terrific fighting bums, but showed his true colors hiding from training camps and it always showed. Let's hope, for his family's sake, he doesn't end up broke, but I doubt a guy like that would ever invest in an annuity that secures their financial futures. Thanks for the action Chris. May God Bless.

Blake Chavez answers all of his emails--- strikeplatinum@gmail.com


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