Floyd Mayweather, In An Exciting Fight, Say What?
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Floyd Mayweather, In An Exciting Fight, Say What?
By Joey Combs, Doghouse Boxing (May 6, 2014)

Floyd Money Mayweather lands on Marcos Maidana
Photo © German Villasenor, Doghouse Boxing Inc
We FINALLY got it, finally got that ultra competitive Floyd Mayweather fight! Possibly, maybe? Errr, do you think? Well there was that Miguel Cotto fight awhile back...Cotto gave Floyd a nice competitive boxing match. But myself, I felt it was a clear win for The Money Team. However, Cotto did better than expected...

And talk about doing better than expected, WOOOH! I have heard everything from Marcos Maidana is just another "bum of the month", to Marcos will be TKO'd by the 5th round, Marcos will be stopped on cuts, Marcos will be lucky to win 1 round out of 12. Well, by my previous standards of Cotto doing better than expected in what was a "good Mayweather fight", then this fight on Saturday was maybe Floyd's second best fight, EVER.

In reality I do feel this was the second toughest out Floyd has ever had. I thought Jose Luis Castillo (don't hate, or fall in love with me) won the first fight with Floyd, 115-113. I did think about an even round or two in there, but no matter, I thought Castillo out landed and controlled where the fight was, for the most part. From that day forward I have been in forums, groups, etc., claiming the style to defeat Floyd is a high output pressure fighter, and of course power would be a nice bonus. The classic "swarmer" style fighter. Think Harry Greb and Henry Armstrong, both men who were excessively high stamina fighters, with incredible will, and good chins to boot.

Enter Marcos Maidana. A guy who has been upsetting the apple cart since he came onto the boxing scene. Remember that once "top prospect in boxing", Victor Ortiz? Well, the beginning of his schizophrenic boxing nature may have been brought on by this hard-headed, hard-punching Argentinean (speaking of which, I wonder if there's ever been an Argentinean fighter who can't punch?). Ever since that fight Maidana has been solid, but viewed as a very crude and unsophisticated boxer. Still, has he ever been truly dominated in a fight? I can't recall right off. He has been stunned and hurt, and he's been beaten more than once, but ever really out of any fight? I don't think so.

Well tonight was no different. Maybe we expected otherwise, or some of you (frankly I'm a boxing genius of unparalleled insight so I kind of called this, sort of, well, in a round about way...) did, that Floyd was just too great, too good defensively. In the end, that probably, definitely was the case. Floyd landed more than 50% of his total punches, threw nearly 1/4 as many, but landed 10 more (according to Compubox). But the fact is, Maidana hit him more than anyone has hit him in 12 years. Since 2002 when he, in fact, was out landed by Jose Luis Castillo. Floyd landed cleaner, crisper shots. Maidana may have won the ring generalship aspect tonight, Floyd won the clean effective punching, and the overall landed shots. I personally don't much care about the higher connecting percentage, as I do the affective aggressor and the higher landed shots. Still, in the end Floyd won the fight on the judges cards (I had it either 1 point for Floyd or a draw). He won most of press row's scorecards as well. However he did not really deserve such lopsided scores of 117-111. But even if that were the case, even at 117-111, that was more than was expected after the talk this week.

In conclusion we got a very entertaining Floyd Mayweather fight. It wasn't a Saul “Canelo” Alvarez sparring session, or an outclassed Guerrero. The star power may have been slightly less than Miguel Cotto, arguably, but it actually may have been a better, more competitive opponent. Floyd proved a few things. He proved he's still a defensive whiz. Even though it took him a little longer, he proved his ability to adjust is still great. He also proved he's a tough guy, not just a "pretty boy", or "Team Moneybags". He's certainly several classes better than his proclaimed protege, Adrien Broner. And it's clear, still, as to who "Big Brother" truly is between those two. Maidana, in my opinion should have put himself in the Ring pound for pound list, for what that's worth. He is definitely making mine. He should have got himself a big fight, either a rematch with Floyd, or a fight, possibly with Danny Garcia who will be moving up, or even a Canelo fight who is nearly as big a deal as Floyd in some ways. Should Canelo defeat Lara of course. All in all this was a fun night of boxing, and even "da haters" had to have been entertained by a Floyd “Money” Mayweather fight. And you certainly don't have to "cry for Argentina".

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