Danny Garcia kicked off the night - Short Story Short, it’s a Boricua Thing…
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Danny Garcia kicked off the night - Short Story Short, it’s a Boricua Thing…
By Luis A. Cortes III, MaxBoxing on Doghouse Boxing (March 18, 2014)

Danny Garcia action shot - Garcia hits Mauricio Herrara on the ropes.
Photo © Tom Casino / SHOWTIME
As the hookah lounge got live and the coronation of our champion, Danny Garcia kicked off the night, the herky-jerky style of Mauricio Herrera posed a crazy problem. Saturday night would not give us the end result of the Amir Khan or Erik Morales fights. No, the evening was all about whether “our” champion could be solid in front of our PhillyRican crowd.
Within the same arena, the Coliseo Ruben Rodriguez, where our heroes, Miguel Cotto, Felix Trinidad y Wilfredo Gomez once worked, it was time for the kid from the 215 to make noise. All of North Philadelphia came out in droves, making noise and shouting, “We started from the bottom.” It felt as close to a Trinidad fight that I could remember. After the fight, everyone started to say how “Swift” wasn’t ready for “Money” but let's be honest; the once and former “Pretty Boy” is a different style of fighter.
Herrera kept trying to set traps and counter, which is why Garcia’s best round was when he punched through his target in round 11. All honesty aside, the best part is Garcia will come home to “Real rap”…

...“It’s all love, kid.”
…“We are proud of you!”
…“It's time for bigger and better things.”
Seriously, Mr. Haymon, now we all get why you signed the “Slim Jim,” brother!
Red Lounge, Black Pumpkin y “J” Street for life!

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