Top Boxing Predictions for Saul Alvarez vs. Erislandy Lara
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Top Boxing Predictions for Saul Alvarez vs. Erislandy Lara
By Doghouse Boxing (July 12, 2014)

Canelo and Lara weigh in
Both Canelo (L) and Lara (R) weighed in at 155 lbs.
Photo © Esther Lin / SHOWTIME
The following predictions come from team members of Doghouse Boxing's sister site, Saul Alvarez and Saul Alvarez and Erislandy Lara clash in a non title bout ppv (Pay-per-view) showdown at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday and SecondOut’s writers once again put their reputations on the line to predict the outcome.

See below who our writers believe will be victorious on Saturday night.  

I see this as an extremely tough fight between two top level fighters. I see a tactical fight early which could prevent the fight from developing into the fight spectacle it should be. That said I the fans should go home happy having seen a decent scrap and very close fight. I can see Lara nicking a close fight but not too sure he will get the decision. So in short Lara looks good for the win but Alvarez nicks a controversial decision  

Alvarez pts 12
Clive Bernath
Editor In Chief


The Saul Alvarez-Erislandy Lara clash is truly the closest thing to a pick ’em bout as I have seen in a long time. While I agree that Alvarez has struggled when fighters elected to box him ala Alfonso Gomez, Austin Trout, and Floyd Mayweather, I think there is more to it than just that when sizing him up against Lara. Lara possesses excellent boxing ability, but he likes to mix it up more than purer boxers like Trout and Mayweather. He does not stick to an outside plan typically and that has made for competitive match-ups with pressure fighters such as Carlos Molina and Alfredo Angulo. Alvarez can apply the pressure, but he can box a lot better than these Lara foe. I do expect to see Lara assume the role of the boxer in this one and Canelo will come in as the puncher. Early on, we may see some Lara success with his movement and a low punch output from the Mexican as he warms up. Because it is a pick ’em fight, that pattern can surely continue until the final cards are tallied for a Lara win. I don’t think it will though. Outside of the Trout bout, Lara tends to look less spectacular once the mid-rounds set in. I see Alvarez closing the gap with some excellent body work and sharp right hands. Angulo was able to hurt Lara with the left hook, but I can see a stiff, straight right being a good weapon for Alvarez.

The action will be heated and the scores will be close, but I see Alvarez breaking through with a pair of knockdowns late in the fight. Lara will be game and rise, but the referee will stop the bout as Canelo goes in for the kill along the ropes.

Alvarez TKO 10.
Derek Bonnett
Connecticut, USA

While everyone has said how dangerous of a fight this is for Canelo, this is equally dangerous for Lara. This will be Lara’s arrival announcement to the general public that he has what it takes to be a superstar. So, he has to have a spectacular showing against a fighter that has already been crowned a superstar. Lara has more pressure to win than Canelo, this being his first time on a big pay per-view event, he has to remain composed and box. If Lara can get Canelo in the late rounds and keep the fight in the middle of the ring, he would have a better chance to win on points. However, I believe the experience of a major event and the punching power of Canelo will make the difference in this fight.

Alvarez tko 8th
Reginald Murrell
Winchester, Ca

I’ve been back and forth on this one. I’m still not completely sold on Alvarez as a superstar fighter but should he win this fight without controversy I will begin looking at him as one of the big names for the future of boxing. Lara is crafty and if he can stay on the outside and box without getting drawn into a more physical fight I see him winning a close decision. But I don’t think he can do that for twelve rounds. Alvarez is a pressure fighter, always on the attack and I don’t think Lara can hurt him. This fight will be close until Alvarez begins breaking him down. I see Alvarez really coming on late and possibly stopping Lara, but I’ll go with a decision victory for Canelo. But I wouldn’t be surprised by an upset.

Alvarez W 12 Lara
Matthew Hurley
Quincy, Massachusetts

Canelo Alvarez is slowly but surely becoming one of the new faces of boxing in the city of Las Vegas. Fighters such as Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. have both enjoyed high levels of success over the past several years in Sin City. That being said, I am asking myself if regardless of his output, can Erislandy Lara get a fair decision in the Nevada desert? Alvarez has learned how to put almost his entire body into his power shots and this is a matter Lara must ultimately avoid in order to gain momentum from about the third or fourth round onward. The Cuban fighter will try to make this a tactical match and he can find some success if he keeps Canelo at bay. This has all the makings of a great, great bout. I really don’t know how to pick this one. If Lara fights Canelo’s fight, then he’ll eventually meet some leather in the hardest way and perhaps even some canvas. Conversely, if Erislandy can tempt Saul to box, then he has a chance to box circles around him. Still, many say that unless Lara scores a knockout or a shutout, then he cannot depend on the judges in Las Vegas. Regardless, I am going for the islander here.

Lara Pts 12
Marc Livitz


 This should be a fun fight to watch. Both fighters had impressive wins in their last bouts, Alvarez with a win over a crafty Alfredo Angulo, and Lara beating Austin Trout by a wide margin on the scorecards. For Lara to win, he will have to make use of his jab and keep a safe distance from Canelo, being patient and look for opportunities to land effective shots. Lara must avoid being tied up on the ropes and the deadly body shots Canelo can deliver. It will take a few rounds for Canelo to find his grove with Lara, this is when the real action will begin. It will be a slugfest for sure, Lara will have to be the more busy fighter to win. Canelo will have to rely on his power punches because Lara will throw more punches in this fight. In the end, I see Canelo wearing down a pesky Lara, knocking him down in the later rounds and taking total control for the remainder of the fight. The fight goes the distance, Canelo wins by decision.

Alvarez pts 12.
Ron Valderrama
Houston, Texas

This fight is a tough call. Both can box and bite down if it becomes a dog fight. I feel that Alvarez’ combination punching is a little more convincing than Lara’s, which will probably be a big factor in this fight. Lara has the Cuban pedigree with less pro experience, although his only loss was a blatant robbery that no one will forget. I see Canelo out working Lara over the duration in what will be a close, competitive fight. Lara will have his moments but will be too willing to engage with his younger foe.

Alvarez W Pts 12
Derek Gionta
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Lara called out Canelo and Canelo took the challenge , most people run from challenges but at 23 going on 24 Canelo ducks no one , for that I give him credit when most champions run. Canelo is right when he says , mayweather , pacquiao and himself can pick their opponents, they have that kind of power,Lara is a difficult opponent , he’s a lefty and he’s slick. Both Lara and Canelo dropped Austin Trout so they are both at a draw there. I’m going with Canelo by late round stoppage I feel his pressure and power will eventually slow Lara down who will have his moments but Canelo is in a mission to take on the toughest fighters, he will be ready and determined to win this battle.

Alvarez tko 9
Andrew Rivera
New Mexico


People have been saying all week here in Vegas that this one could be a fight of the year candidate. To me, that’s nothing but poppycock. The fight should be decent with some spurts of action, but it will not be some sort of war like the PR teams will lead you to believe. Canelo isn’t the second coming of Julio Cesar Chavez and Lara isn’t going to be heralded as the greatest to ever come out of Cuba. With that said, both guys are talented and the fight will be better than average, but it’ll be close. Very close. I see Lara out-boxing Canelo most of the way and doing more than enough to win a decision. But this is Vegas and Canelo is thought to be the new golden boy so it’ll go his way. My official pick: Canelo via close, majority decision that Lara should have gotten and the verdict will be debated until boxing as a sport messes up again.

Alvarez pts 12
Mike Sloan
Las Vegas

Lara on points but would not be surprised to see Alvarez getting a bit of help from judges.

Ciaran Gibbons

- Final Tally:
= 8
Lara = 2    

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