Audio Proof that Floyd Mayweather Jr can't Read or conduct 50 Cent's challenge
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Audio Proof that Floyd Mayweather Jr can't Read or conduct 50 Cent's challenge
By Doghouse Boxing (August 22, 2014)

Floyd Mayweather and USA Today newspaper
Below Audio: Power 105.1's Breakfast Club exposes Mayweather's reading capabilities.
By now you've read the challenge from rapper / boxing promoter 50 Cent who has publicly challenged Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. to read one page of a Harry Potter book to prove he can read. Aside from the fact that these two use to be BEST friends and shouldn't go this way about things in public (it's childish)... does anyone really expect that our Boxers are highly educated with amazing reading skills? Obviously not. If so they'd be in a different profession... but rest assure many Football players, Basketball players and Hockey players (just to name a few sports) are also in the same illiteracy boat. So 50 chasing Mayweather down for his reading skills is just too easy.


First keep in mind, the dude (Money) can read "Ferrari"! Well, since the cat in the hat is out of the bag, in this new video (audio) embedded to the left, hear for yourself as Mayweather has a hard time reading a simple passage. In this audio, Power 105.1's Breakfast Club exposes Floyd Mayweather's Reading Struggle in relation to 50 Cent challenging Floyd Mayweather to read Harry Potter for Ice Bucket Challenge.

In the audio, you will hear Mayweather trying to read.

This new audio clip from Power 105.1's Breakfast Club has a run time of 12mins and 14secs.

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