Ron Lipton: "Stop punching and step back clean" - Boxing Ref's Hall of Fame Induction - New Video / Info
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Ron Lipton: "Stop punching and step back clean" - Boxing Ref's Hall of Fame Induction - New Video / Info
By way of Doghouse Boxing (Jan 6, 2015)

Ron Lipton
Video Below: Ron Lipton at the Hall of Fame Induction and more.
"Ron Lipton was the original professional referee in boxing history to use this saying he created, "I remind you now, respect each other, and lets keep this strictly Professional."

Press play on the new video embedded to the left for much more on Ron Lipton at the Hall of Fame Induction.

Select quotes and more information below...

Another original method of Ron's used to break the fighters since 1991 is "Stop punching and step back clean."

"Chuck Wepner the "Real Rocky" who fought Sonny Liston and Muhammad Ali was the fighter who the movie "Rocky" was based upon. Randy Neumann fought Chuck Wepner 3 times and many other famous heavyweights. He became a pro referee and both men are dear friends of Ron Lipton."

"Evander Holyfield was out of boxing for over a year, when he returned it was billed as "The Return of the Warrior." He was matched with former Heavyweight Champion and Olympic Gold medal winner Ray Mercer in Convention Hall in Atlantic City. Ron Lipton was chosen as the referee for this special Pay Per View fight."

"Ron Lipton was asked to write the Introduction by the famous author and Barrister from England, Adeyinka Makinde. Dick Tiger the former Middleweight and Light heavyweight Champion of the World, whose real name was Richard Ihetu became a good friend of Ron Lipton. His daughter Justina still stays in contact with Ron to this day."

"Pernell Whitiker USA V Gary Jacobs from Scotland was on HBO for the WBC Welterweight Championship of the World in Atlantic City, N.J.

"Tommy "The Duke" Morrison V Donovan "Razor" Ruddock on Pay Per View from Kansas City Missouri was for the IBC Heavyweight Championship and proved to be one of the most exciting bouts of the year with multiple knockdowns scored. " Morrison a distant relative of John Wayne starred in the movie "Rocky V."

"Oscar De La Hoya V "Jesse James" Leija for the WBO Lightweight Championship of the World on HBO was the main event in a sold out Madison Square Garden. Pro Boxing was on a hiatus in Madison Square Garden for over 3 years. When it was brought back with this gala event, the Chairman of the N.Y. State Athletic Commission former 2 time Heavyweight Champion of the World Floyd Patterson, assigned Ron Lipton to the title fight."

"Steve Collins the WBO Middleweight Champion challenges Chris Eubank the undefeated WBO Super middleweight Champion in the Green Glens arena, Millstreet Town, County Cork Ireland, televised to Europe on Sky T.V

"Richie Gonzalez was one of the toughest pro boxers and a former 5 time N.J. Golden Glove Champion. Ron and Richie fought each other in West Orange N.J. and afterward became good friends.

"Ron's beloved children who he raised himself, Kim Reyna Lipton and Brett Arah Lipton. His son Brett is a graduate of the Orange County N.Y. Police Academy and works at Dutchess County Community College and his daughter Kim has a B.A. in Exercise Physiology and has her own Wellness business helping people all over the world achieve good health."

"Dick Tiger V Rubin Carter in MSG

"Muhammad Ali, Ron Lipton and Brett Lipton in Sussex County Court Jan 1982 before the Hon. Judge Frederick Weber in Newton N.J. Ali testified for Ron as a character witness in a self defense trial where Ron Lipton had to fight what the newspapers called a "Reign of Terror," in a home invasion by drunken trespassers who objected to Lipton training with minority fighters at his home where Ron ended up the last man standing. Ron Lipton won the case." The photo was taken in court and the famous Jan 1982 Star Ledger article was entitled "Ali Testifies at Trial of Former Sparring Partner."

"6 time World Champion Emile Griffith visits Ron at his home in N.Y. in 2002

"Boxing Hall of Fame Icon former Middleweight Champion Joey Giardello visited Ron Lipton at his home in 2000.

"Former Middleweight Champion Joey Giardello and Ron at the Excaliber Hotel in Las Vegas 1993."

"82 wide grip chin ups practiced every day hanging motionless, then all the way up to the top of his chest and all the way down non stop. Then 100 knuckle pushups, 101 dips on the dipping bars, and incline sit ups with 50lb plates every day, plus roadwork and a hard six rounds on the heavy bag." Age 49.

" May 1967 Ron Lipton V Ricky Thomas , Ron throws a long left hook at N.J. Welterweight Champion Thomas in a specially imported Octagonal Ring, West Orange Armory, "The Tournament of Champions."

"Feb 1965 Ron Lipton in black tights and blue and gold trunks V Billy Beam in white trunks in the N.J. Golden Gloves at the Elizabeth Elks Auditorium. The only bout on the card where the entire mob was on its feet throughout the fight screaming at the action." Ron just recently found Billy and became friends again."

For more, visit Ron at his personal website:


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