Floyd Mayweather gets Adrien Broner to say he is Sorry to Jay Z & Rihanna - Exclusive
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Floyd Mayweather gets Adrien Broner to say he is Sorry to Jay Z & Rihanna - Exclusive
By way of Doghouse Boxing (Jan 12, 2015)

 Adrien Broner says sorry to Rihanna and Jay-Z.
Video Below: Adrien Broner says he is Sorry
Video © TMZ.com
"At first I was going to let the thing ride out, and say forget the haters and not respond, but my Big Homie (Floyd Mayweather) called me, someone that I respect, somebody that I look up to. He made me understand why I was wrong. One of the main reasons that I was wrong - I was caught up in the moment and I want to apologize to Jay-Z. I'm a man at the end of the day, and I was wrong and I can admit that I was wrong" says Adrien Broner. He

Broner also admits he shouldn't have said what he did towards Rihanna. (No sh!t, Sherlock!)

"I just want to say to the Public, I'm wrong for what I said, I'm sorry."

You just knew as soon as Adrien Broner ripped Jay-Z and Rihanna that an apology was soon to follow. My bet was that the apology would come just as the story was dying down... for as we can all agree, the "problem" with Adrien Broner is that he loves seeing his name in the media - and for maximum exposure, you just knew that an apology was soon to follow as the story was dying down... and it has... and Broner is back in the news.

Too bad the public outcry didn't persuade Broner to apologize, it had to be Mayweather that made him see the error of his ways... and too bad this video (embedded to the left) is shot while Broner is driving... don't we have enough distracted drivers on our streets?! Broner needs to start setting better examples... people want to look up to sports heroes... not look down on them.

So check out this brand new video from TMZ.com just posted. It's Broner apologizing for such foolish statements. Apologizing to Jay-Z for ridiculing an amazing $40 million dollar contract offer (something most critics feel Broner is not worthy of) and for also dissing Rihanna in a very disgusting way... claiming her only talent lies between her legs (How the hell does one need his Big Homie to explain what was wrong with that statement?!).

This video from TMZ has a playing time of 2 minutes. Press play on the video embedded to the left and enjoy!

Written by Johnny Benz.


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