Victor Conte Exclusive Q&A on Steroids, Time spent in Jail, The SNAC Altitude Dome & more!
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Victor Conte Exclusive Q&A on Steroids, Time spent in Jail, The SNAC Altitude Dome & more!
By way of Doghouse Boxing (Jan 14, 2015)

Victor Conte
Video Below: Victor Conte
Victor Conte, the founder and president of BALCO, is always very interesting to listen to. In this new video Q&A, it's K9 (Steve Kim) interviewing Conte.

Here is a little bit of a description to set the video up for you: K9 and Conte speak on subjects such as SNAC Altitude Dome (you'll see it in the video - this device is freaking looking in a good way and super cool - it removes oxygen molecules / and basically acts like a semi-high altitude training machine). They talk about Curve machine and developing legal-to-use sports supplements.

The topic also turns to something that is important to all of us... drug testing in sports.

It gets even more interesting as Conte speaks about his role in boxing since being released from prison for conspiracy to distribute steroids. Oh, you know with Conte being interviewed, the discussion of PED's and steroids is always impressive and interesting - his knowledge is simply amazing and he talks about it in a way that is easy for all to understand (Hey, it's a technical subject!)

It's an assortment of hot topic issues and so worth your time.

Video is provided to us from Undisputed Champion Network. Please note: UCN had technical difficulties with the audio - but it's not all that bad as the voices of both K9 and Conte can still be heard clearly.

The video Q&A with Victor Conte has a playing time just shy of 23 minutes. Press play on the video embedded to the left and enjoy!

Written by Johnny Benz.


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