Adrien Broner says "I'm a new man" - Q&A on Why he's changing his life, Jay-Z Deal and more...
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Adrien Broner says "I'm a new man" - Q&A on Why he's changing his life, Jay-Z Deal and more...
By way of Doghouse Boxing (Jan 19, 2015)

Adrien Broner
Video Below: Adrien Broner
Say good bye to the "Problem" child of boxing?! Wouldn't it be great if Adrien Broner grew up and stopped acting like a useless clown in public? You know, rather than come off as an immature jerk, he acted more like a man his age and a role model for the young boxing fans watching him at home?

Well, fingers crossed to that, because in this new video interview, Broner claims: "I'm a new man. It comes with growing up too. I can't be as wild as I used to be because my career is only going up and more kids is starting to see me and they are starting to do what I do. So I really can't keep cussing because they are going to want to cuss and think that is cool."

Well, I am not sure his career is going up... seems to be going hard in reverse ever since he was simply outclassed by Marcos Maidana, but I welcome his new take on life and owning up to the fact that he needs to be more responsible. Will he change? Only time will tell.

Broner also speaks more on the deal he turned down from rap music mogul / boxing promoter Jay-Z and moving on from his dissing of musical star, Rihanna.

This video interview conducted by FightHype with Adrien Broner runs for 1 minute and 18 seconds. Enjoy!

Written by Johnny Benz.


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