Bob Arum: "Is Oscar De La Hoya Crazy?"
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Bob Arum: "Is Oscar De La Hoya Crazy?"
By way of Doghouse Boxing (July 2, 2015)

Bob Arum
Video Below: Bob Arum
You recall late last month when Oscar De La Hoya (quoted in the media) admitted he was strongly considering a comeback to boxing at the age of 42? He dropped Gennady Golovkin and Floyd Mayweather as names he'd consider. Now obviously, to me anyway, this was just some media attention grabbing headlines. De La Hoya knows how to get his name in print and social media... you can't blame him for that. Now De La Hoya has since made it known that he will NOT be coming back to the ring (a good move, if you ask me).

In this video, embedded to the left, Bob Arum (Boxing promoter) explains why he'd think De La Hoya is stupid if he made a comeback.

Within the video, Arum states regarding a De La Hoya comeback: "Oscar De La Hoya, I don't know what he's thinking!? I think he's just playing around."

Arum adds: "This is boxing and a guy can get hurt coming back and fighting, like talking about fighting he crazy!?"

Check out the video as Arum shares his thoughts on Oscar De La Hoya once again suggesting a comeback.

This video with Bob Arum, has a run time of 1min and 21secs. Press play on the video embedded to the left and enjoy.

Above text written by Johnny Benz.--

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