Mayweather rips: "Pacquiao was f-ing homeless! Wasn't he a f-ing bum!?"
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Mayweather rips: "Pacquiao was f-ing homeless! Wasn't he a f-ing bum!?"
By way of Dog House Boxing (July 14, 2015)

Jeff Mayweather
Video Below: Jeff Mayweather
Boxing trainer Jeff Mayweather has a few choice words over Manny Pacquiao's statement regarding the Mayweather's being criminals. Mayweather rips Pacquiao, stating: "Manny Pacquiao was f-ing homeless! Wasn't he a f-ing bum? So he changed his life, that's what he did. I mean he sure as F#%k can't be talking about me... he can't be talking about nobody being a criminal... I have a f-ing college education. Manny never even graduated from high school."

And, Mayweather continues, adding: "He's a politician not because he is smart, because he is popular. He doesn't have any education."

"Manny is no different (than us), he's f-ing worse. You are worse becuse you are playing with God - When you open your mouth, you talk about God. The only time you didn't talk about God was when you got your ass whupped by Floyd."

Mayweather has more to say, and you can catch it all in the video embedded to the left of this text.

This video featuring Jeff Mayweather giving his take on Pacquiao, has a playing time of 3mins and 55secs.

Press play on the video embedded to the left and enjoy!


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