Mayweather Jr: "I know the truth about Pacquiao's pay check and I know the truth about other things"
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Mayweather Jr: "I know the truth about Pacquiao's pay check and I know the truth about other things"
By way of Doghouse Boxing (Dec 23, 2014)

Floyd Mayweather
Video Below: Floyd Mayweather Jr.
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Floyd Mayweather needs and wants to be heard... so here at Dog House, we are going to throw him a bone - because the way he promotes himself... we often wonder if anyone is hearing him? Man, does Floyd Mayweather love talking about Manny Pacquiao these days. "I got people that used to work in Manny Pacquiao's camp that now works in my camp, so I know the truth about his check and I know the truth about other things," says Floyd Mayweather in this new video. Of course Mayweather doesn't elaborate on what other things he knows... so is the comment fair or not? You be the judge when you check out this new video interview. Floyd also brags (as he often does) about his PPV numbers vs. Pacquiao - because that never get tiring and since Mayweather only talks to one website... he has to beat that message over and over in hopes that it gets out.

When it comes to talking to boxing websites, Floyd Mayweather Jr. ignores them all until it's time to promote one of his fights. The one website Mayweather cherishes to the point where all others are ignored is FightHype (We are guessing that boxing fans from all other sites don't seem important to Mayweather). So we apologize in advance that you can expect soft ball stuff in this sit down (and super short) video interview conducted by Mayweather and his pals at Fight Hype.

This interview with Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a run time of 43 seconds. You can find the video player embedded to the left of this text.

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