Result; Manny Pacquiao vs Jorge Solis Spolier
By Nate Edwards (April 15, 2007) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)
Manny Pacquiao vs jorge Solis has now ended. The result is: Winner VIA 8TH ROUND TKO MANNY PACQUIAO.

Here is the Round By Round coverage conducted by our very own Nate Edwards.

Round 1
Solis comes out trying to establish his jab and find his groove early but Manny is offsetting him with his left hand throwing quick and explosive combinations that aren't really landing but are backing Solis up. Pac tries to time his straight left hand
but is feeling out Solis but is the more active of the two fighters. Solis lands a good right hand, Manny throws a straight left and then lands a short right hand. Manny finishes the round with a few good shots to Solis body. Manny was the more active fighter in this round and won that round off of that alone and landing a few more cleaner shots. All and all it was just a feel out round.

Pacs Takes Round 1

Round 2

Solis comes out trying to be more aggressive. He is frustrating Pac by using his distance. Manny trying to throw lead left hand combos to get inside but nothing happening. Solis is keeping Manny at the end of his jab and right hand controlling this round. Not much being landed on either side but Solis is doing a little more while Manny is trying to close up the gap. Solis is the more aggressive throughout the round and controlled the pace and landed more punches.

Solis Takes Round 2

Round 3
Manny using good movement and throwing combinations on the inside early. Manny is becoming the aggressor now and looks like he is warming up. Manny lands a big left hand, goes to the body with a good straight left and is controlling this round through his work rate and aggression. Solis now going to the body but Manny steals his thunder by coming back with combinations of his own. Manny is having problems landing clean bombs on Solis but he clearly won the 3rd.

Pac Takes Round 3

Round 4
Manny comes out firing his right jab and his straight left hand. Solis comes back with his jab but is not using it enough to keep the distance. Solis throws a right hand that lands on Pacs hip and gets warned for it. Manny seems to lunge in when throwing his combinations but he is controlling this round and landing left and right hands although grazingly they are landing. Solis and Pac clash heads but no cut. Pac lands a nice left hand and another left hand. Pac seems to be enforcing his will upon Solis. Solis is game and a tricky fighter but Pac is starting to solve his style. Towards the end of the round however Solis pins Pac in the corner and lands a few good punches but not enough to take the round.

Pac Takes Round 4

Round 5
Manny while moving forward is using good head movement, Solis throws a good left right combo to Manny's midsection. Solis lands a left hand to Pac's hip and Manny complains but it was accidental. Solis lands a NICE right hand on Pac and Manny backs against the ropes and uses good head movement to avoid the oncoming flurry from Solis who thought Manny was hurt. Pac comes back aggressively to show Solis that he has recovered if he was hurt and he is not going to back down. Solis now towards the end of the round lands some good body shots and is becoming more aggressive towards Manny. Solis got this one.

Solis Takes Round 5

Round 6
Solis comes out with a new found confidence throwing combinations. Accidental headbutt Manny leaning in and Pacman has a cut up around his eyebrow. Manny comes out after a brief break trying to throw wild shots and Solis lands a nice right hand. Manny lands a left hand and then Solis slips down. It was called a push not a knockdown. Manny goes nuts after the push and tries to finish of Solis. He has Solis hurt badly landing lefts and rights on Solis and Solis is holding on for dear life. Another apparent clash of heads with Manny leading in but they finish the round with Solis barely surviving. Pac was on the verge of stopping Solis.

Pac Takes Round 6.

Round 7
Solis comes out in the 7th round looking like he recovered from the 6th round when he was hurt and trying to set the pace. Manny is still being very aggressive and Manny lands two big left hands that have Solis in trouble. Solis looks exhausted from the pace Manny is setting and isn't keeping his hands up the way he was earlier in the fight. Manny keeps on throwing lead left hands and is landing on Solis consistently now. Manny dominated the 7th round.

Pac Takes Round 7

Round 8
Manny comes out using decent head movement. Solis early tries to throw a few left right combinations and Manny hits Solis with a huge left uppercut that drops Solis. Solis gets up at the count of 9 and then Manny comes back at him and hits him with ANOTHER HUGE LEFT UPPERCUT and SOLIS CAN'T BEAT THE COUNT.

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