Ricky Hatton vs Juan Lazcano: The Prediction
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (May 23, 2008) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Curtis McCormick/MMG)  
After over a year lay off, Juan Lazcano will have his work cut out for him on Saturday night when he takes on Ricky Hatton. Lazcano, the underdog may quite possibly also be a sacrificial lamb and chances are he won't be able to do anything that will put Hatton anywhere near the ropes.

After losing to Floyd Mayweather Jr. last December, it can be argued that Hatton deserves an easy fight for his comeback. If Hatton defeats Lazcano then its on to a fight with Paulie Malignaggi and then hopefully a
rematch with Mayweather Jr. Although Malignaggi might give Hatton a really good fight, the same can not be said about Lazcano.

Lazcano isn't bad, but he certainly isn't great either. With a year off, jumping back into the waters to face against a shark like Hatton... well it's almost suicide.

Hatton will face Lazcano in front of a crowd estimated to be 55,000 fans in Manchester, and chances are that he will look every bit impressive as he works his fists over Lazcano. You can't blame Hatton for wanting to look good in front of his hometown crowd, so it should be expected that his opponent will be someone he will be able to walk through.


No way in Hell does Lazcano pull an upset. Even if Lazcano had been fighting that last year, he still would not have enough to bring to the table to knock Hatton from his seat. Hatton will knock out Lazcano, as I highly doubt this fight will go the full distance. Hatton will win by KO in the latter rounds, probably anywhere between rounds 8 to 10.

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