Open Letter to Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr
By Damon L. Teal (Nov 1, 2008) Doghouse Boxing  
In 1991 after lucrative outings against old foes Duran and Hearns SRL decided to fight the best young fighter in his weight class to see if he was really still good as he felt. As it turned out he wasn't. Terry Norris beat him with ease following which he retired. I mention this moment in history because you both seem to believe that there is a place in today top p4p for yourselves, yet unlike SRL neither of you are willing to fight Terry Norris who today is named Chad Dawson.

Between the 2 of you there's been zero lightheavy weight opponents in your last combined 6 fights (including Calzaghe for Jones). To be the best in the sport don't the two of you think you need to atleast be the best in your own weight class? As impressive as either of you might look fighting Middleweights and Super middleweights, I think it goes without saying that a good lightheavy weight beats a good middleweight, hence the reason for weightclasses.

Jones - You still want to be superman but your enter a fight against a guy you would've been a 100-1 favorite over 6 years ago. I give you credit for taking on decent, not great, young guys to rebuild but Lightheavy is suppose to been your roost. Didn't you leave supermiddle weight in the mid 90's?

Hopkins - You're tired of proving yourself, that is why since moving up to Lightheavy and fight Tarver you haven't fought another lightheavy. You want respect as one of the best fighters in the sport TODAY, yet you don't even face people in your own weight class? You've been spending too much time with Oscar De la Hoya.

And before you tell sell me a fight between each other be honest with yourselves. Together your 82 yrs old! The winner of that fight wouldn't be p4p either. It would just be entertaining much like Duran vs SRL III and about as meaningful.

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