Boxing Results from the Brick City... Adamek Outpoints Chambers
By Danny Serratelli at ringside (June 17, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Main Events put on another excellent show at “The Rock” in the Brick City, Newark New Jersey tonight as Tomasz “Goral” Adamek improved to 46-2, 28 KO’s. “Fast” Eddie Chambers fell to 36-3, 18 KO’s in a very close fight in which the judges and the press at ringside had scores all over the place. Chambers injured his left arm very early in the bout and did not throw it more than a few times after the second round, however he still fought a very spirited and tactical fight as a one armed fighter. Adamek basically doubled the volume of punches thrown by the one armed Chambers, however, Chambers ring generalship, defense and effective aggressiveness was very impressive as he landed more punches through 12 rounds despite throwing about half as many.

When the bell sounded at the end of the 12th round the judges had it a unanimous decision. One of the best judges in the business, Steve Weisfeld scored the bout 116-112 for Adamek and Judge Joseph Pasquale had the same score for Adamek, while Judge Alan Rubenstein scored the bout 119-109 also for Adamek. The Brick City Boxing scorecard had the fight 115-113 for Chambers. Immediately after the fight Adamek said that he wasn’t happy with his performance and that he expects more from himself. Due to the subjective nature of the scoring and the way the fight evolved I assumed there would be disparity in the scoring and I felt compelled to ask most of the ringside press how they had it.

While the members of the press sitting on both sides of me also had the bout for Chambers, the majority of the ringside press scored the fight for Adamek with a few cards for Chambers in the mix. While I did not see the television broadcast on NBC Sports, I had the opportunity to speak to cruiserweight contender BJ Flores who called the fight on television and he also had it 115-113 for Chambers. It was definitely the type of fight where you couldn’t argue with someone who had it around 7-5 give or take a round either way, but that 119-109 might have been worse than someone thinking Bradley won 7 rounds against Pacquiao last week.

In the Brick City we usually favor the aggressor, and Adamek is the hometown guy, however, Eddie Chambers was in great shape and he made Adamek miss all night. He was able to touch Adamek with the right hand while alternating between an orthodox and southpaw stance. Adamek was effective to the body, but he didn’t seem to go downstairs enough, nor did he really press Chambers and force him to let both hands go or make him pay the price if he couldn’t.
Abrams, Chambers and Serratelli
Chambers did a good job of staying out of the corners and off the ropes where Adamek did some of his best work. Chambers looked very confident while usually exhibiting the superior ring generalship and defense. Despite the fact that Adamek was much busier, it appeared that Chambers landed the cleaner blows, and while it is common knowledge that Adamek is the bigger puncher, neither fighter ever appeared to be hurt in the bout. Afterwards Adamek said he didn’t feel any of Chambers punches, while Chambers basically said the same thing.

After the fight Adamek said, ''The fight was very close, but I felt I fought my fight and I won the fight.'' He also said his corner told him after the 9th round that he needed to go out and win all of the final rounds. Both men were very humble and gracious after the fight, two very good fighters who are both very tough, smart fighters and men with character. Outside of the Klitschko brothers (and despite the fact that both men can really fight at cruiserweight) these men are still two of the best heavyweights out there.
Serratelli, Adamek and Bok
After the fight Chambers said, ''I was unsure about the decision and if you're unsure, you can't say you won clear cut,'' ''I don't like to sound brash, but I would have won if I didn't get hurt. I worked so hard to get ready for this fight and I was in the best shape of my life.'' Chambers said with no injury he would have won easily and based on what I saw I would tend to agree, however a warrior as tough as Adamek would have been forced to fight a different fight if Chambers had both arms so there is no telling how that would have played out. I’d like to see a rematch.


Heavyweight, Bryant “By-By” Jennings, 14-0, 6 KO’s scored a unanimous decision over Steve “Freight Train” Collins, 25-2-1, 18 KO’s to claim the vacant USBA heavyweight title. Scores were 100-89 on all cards.

Heavyweight, Patrick Farrell 7-1-1, 3KO’s won a unanimous 4 round decision over and David Williams 6-5-1, 2 KO’s. Scores were 40-35 on two cards and 39-36.

Middleweight, Jamaal Davis, 14-8-1, 6 KO’s won a unanimous 8 round decision over Doel Carrasquillo, 16-20-1, 14 KO’s. Scores were 79-73, 78-74, 78-74.

Middleweight, John “The Apollo Kid” Thompson, 8-0, 2 KO’s won a unanimous 6 round decision over John “No Mercy” Mackey, 6-6-1, 2 KO’s. Scores were 58-56 and 59-56 on two cards.

Middleweight, Tureano Johnson, 9-0, 6 KO’s won a unanimous 6 round decision over Roberto Young, 5-5-1, 4 KO’s. Scores 58-56 on all three cards.

Welterweight, Jose “Mangu” Peralta , 9-1, 5 KO’s won by TKO victory at 2:28 of round 4 over Dontre King, 6-11-2, 2 KO’s.

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